Where can i buy a small monkey/adopt a finger monkey in UK?

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SUSAN CLAY 11 yr ago x
Hi i would like to adopt a very small monkey i do have small dogs so must be use to dogs
angelinamorgez 9 yr ago x
Cute Male and Female baby Capuchin Monkeys ,They are very intelligent and fast at learning new skills especially when they feels sufficiently rewarded. Personality-wise, they might not only be the best monkeys we have ever had - but the best we have ever seen. our babies have turned out to be very strong. they are one the best eaters we have ever had (some babies don't take the bottle very well). Best of all, our baby monkeys are very sweet, loves the company of kids and other pets , and have one of the most even temperaments of any monkeys we have ever raised. Even with pain from teething, they never cries or fusses and goes in and out of their box as they sees fit! These beautiful little babies likes to chew fingers, suck their thumb, and play with toys! they never cries when it is time for bed and doesn't tear things. They loves to play, give kisses, and hugs, interested persons should contact

vrent 9 yr ago x
Two baby capuchin Monkeys available!!My son is now sick and Allergic to the monkey so the doctor instructed us to give out as soon as possible.He has asthma. I donít want to give the babies out to a pet rescue adoption association. I am looking for a good home that will continue to take care of these babies and give them all the love and care they need to have. Will come with all its Vet papers, registration papers,Health Certificate, and all its cloths and toys free as I wonít need them anymore. We are going to miss them a great deal but the nature of my home now with my sonís ill health we can't keep them anymore. All we want for them is a loving home where they are going to be loved and spoiled as with us. Contact me as soon as possible for more information

candace 8 yr ago x
I'm looking for a finger monkey a one it stays small that don't get big and that's good with kids and pets it will be in a good loven home please email any info thanks
Inkie trey 8 yr ago x
I would like to buy a finger monkey and would like to pay around 200 pounds I have seen them for 120 and would like to pay on collection I live in kent and would travel to London migth consider much further if pay on collection
ana 8 yr ago x
will you send me one for Christmas as a surprise FOR FREE PLEASE
Tabby 8 yr ago x
I'd love a baby monkeys I've list a baby was younger n was made give him up I think this could help me Koop with things better
Amandabaehr 8 yr ago x
How's much
Amandabaehr 8 yr ago x
How's much
Amandabaehr 8 yr ago x
How's much
Amandabaehr 8 yr ago x
How's much
Amandabaehr 8 yr ago x
How's much
Rose 8 yr ago x
Can I see them in person and how much?
Kellymark 8 yr ago x
Call Or Text to (213)-787-7142 Capuchin,marmoset,squirrel and spider monkeys available there are vaccinated and well socialized,home train,Their ages range from 10 weeks to 15 weeks these baby monkeys are register and are shot and loves to play with kids.they are going to good homes. there are very cute and intelligent and will make a good companion with other pets, like cats and dogs. they are really well train, So if interested in having them do get back for information and pictures Call or Text us for more information to 213-787-7142 or email to Email:

Aaron Crawford  6 yr ago x
Anyone willing to give a baby monkey away plzz
Jamey Tron 6 yr ago x
Where can I pay a finger monkey
Em 3 yr ago x
Where can I get a capuchin monkey in the United kingdom london
Em 3 yr ago x
Where can I get a baby boy or girl capuchin monkey in the UK london
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