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First of all, more than half of you have no idea what you are even talking about. Secondly, you will never get a baby chimpanzee for $1500-2000. I now have my THIRD baby chimpanzee and she cost me $60,000 DONATION TO THE MISSOURI PRIMATE FOUNDATION. This is the last known breeding facility in the United States for these wonderful animals. They are very social, just like a human and can be treated as such. I had two males and now a female and she is about 18 months old. She is a blessing and yes, I have kept them beyond their teen years and into puberty. My last male was 22 years old. If they are treated with respect and as you would your own child, they can be wonderful additions to your family. I am not able to have children - so this is a perfect way for me to have a family and still be happy. Chimps are not toys or cuddly, they are the closest thing to a human being on this planet - treat them as one and you will have a lifelong family member.

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