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im a very unintelagent man,6 grade education ,not smart at all,BUT! the peeps saying dont get monkey are very right. its not some cat or dog yur tryin to get it be just like having a baby with very big responsabilitys in raising it to behave as it gets older. it does not learn that taking someones fase off is a bad thing. i must say they are so damn cute and do the cutest things.i loved the one i had with all my heart and soul and want a nother one realy bad but i know what happens around age 12 or 13 . one sun morn the man next door to me had to shoot it while it was bitting the back of my head and neck and stomping on my shoulders. i caused this by trying to get him to try on a new shirt i had just got for him his head was coverd by the shirt and i stepped on his toe, thats all it took folkes,i loved jave very much and him me as well we did everthing together its been 6 years and i still miss him. but know i have brain dam- and very bad scar. this is just to let you know what CAN more thing,this 1500 $ price is crap.i paid 18 thousand fore java 17 years ago..

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