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I live in Connecticut close to the location of the recent chimp attack. In case someone hasn't heard a woman's pet chimp ripped her friends face off. She is missing her nose, lips, eyelids and hands. She also might be brain damaged and blind. As for the Chimp, the police had to shoot it. SamIam is correct Chimps don't make good pets. It's not a matter of will my pet chimp attack, it's when will he attack? I speak from experience. I owned a White Faced Capuchin several years ago. I spent months taming it, and even then she was still wild. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE WILD! It was a huge mistake and in the end it's the primate that suffers for our ignorance. Please for the sake of these animals be informed before deciding to buy a Chimp. They can kill you, and they are only doing what they do naturally in the wild.

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