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Lori Lomonaco

I am interested in spending some years with a baby to help domesticate it for a zoo later will it will be in contact with alot of human care and observation. I currently raised a Rottwieler and German Shepard which I spent years training making them who they are today. If you want pictures of their lifestyle or their training I will send them. I was on th abc news when the new monkey closure first opened at the Phil. Zoo.....I would like to have a baby with me, raise it with love, see him or her for the rest of its life no m atter where it ended up, your right they don't forget.....either do I as an animal lover...they are always and would always be part of my family and heart. I think I could help prepare them for zoo keepers....people oriented long as the keepers were kind. I will add one more thing about the woman attacked because I read all your monkey responses...?.....There was something that freaked him, I don;t believe he did it by nature......I have a question for you?.....Did you ever see the movie "Buddy"....about the chimp/ape?.....He stole my heart and I am a woman of her heart. I would like a reply and would respect your response good or bad. I live in Bethlehem, Pa. and would only train her or him to love people and have fun. I have every faith there is in this world that I can do this and send my baby to a friendly zoo and be the kindest most loveable animal ever.......please respond...Thank You Kindly, Lori Lomonaco.....Get ready because when 'Annie"...(girl)....or "Charlie"....(male) leaves me, they will want Christmas presents and know who Santa is, in the summer they will look foward to playing in the pool with you on a hot day....and finding presents from the Easter Bunny with your guidance...of course there will not be chocolate....but a squeky toy and some healthy treats. Thank You for listening, I have so much love in my heart and so much room for a baby.....please write back. Sincerely, Lori Lomonaco. I am 50 yrs, old in case you were wondering, I own my own house, fenced in yard,pool,3 stories, its beautiful, lots of windows and air, and they eat what I eat on a special snack day,(meaning we all had a good day}....piece of pizza....cheesesteak....or scrambled eggs with cheese and toast....(smiling)...unless you tell me not to....then I follow your knowledge....and you and I stay in touch this way I can send you pictures and show you how close we've become. My mother always told me I could take the meanest breed of dog and make it calm....I have living proof of rottie and my shepard are big babies...but also ready to protect me. I know I could never keep him or her forever but maybe....definitly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....could prepare him or her for zoo life where human contact is daily and loving....I'll wait for your respond you have my email....thank you fopr listening...I have pictures and references of anything you need. I am home everyday and night. 3 years ago I had a stroke but came out of it completely. Got passed paralization to my left side after 2 yrs. of therapy...I am far from a quitter and have more good intention and love in my heart than cupid!.........for animals....humans I could take em or leave em....ha...ha...ha....only kidding. I'll wait for a response, if you decide against me, i willl understand but would still like to meet you and your babys, I have money and can travel, it would make my lifetime dream come'll see the connection I have to the craziest animals......God gave me a gift, I truly believe it and the way animals react to me back it up....i feel no fear, just a calm connection, and it goes from there. Love Always, Lori Jean.

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