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Bill dakota

Michael Jackson was knocked down by Bubbles as he got older. He gave him back to Bob Dunne the owner. Bubbles is now in the Los Angeles National Forest Animal Preserve. Chimps are on the endangered species list and cannot be imported. They used to sell for $25,000 but that price has risen over the years. There could be a few being mated, but I doubt it. Circus performers have a hard time finding any. When they age, they are dangerous. When I was young I liked them too. I traveled with the Rudy Bros. Circus and often helped the trainers. But, one day I was holding on to the wrong one. A dangerous one. I was told to stand still and they would take her away from me. This guy, Nicollini was mean to his chimps. He used to whip them with a rubber hose until they were bleeding. The circus finally fired him. Elvis had a chimp that turned mean too. It finally died.

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