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I would just like to say to everyone on here talking down to the people who are interested in owning a chimp: ***!! mind your own business! I dont agree with owning a chimp either, but i would seriously consider getting one now just to piss off *** *** know-it-alls like you. you couldnt do *** about it except *** on the internet some more. y do you feel the need to butt in on something that has nothing to do with you! obviously anyone that is interested in owning a chimp is not paying any attention to you! all i hear is, "owning a chimp is a bad idea, bla bla bla, im a big fat smelly ***." its not that u think owning a wild animal is bad, its the fact that u feel the need to cry about it online is what pisses me off. If you ever tried telling me this *** in person i would knock your stupid *** teeth out for telling me how to live. *** *** all and have a nice day. edit admin: please mind your language

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