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you are all idiots do you know how dangerous having a chimp is? after a couple years it will be up to 2 times stronger than a grown man! you should think twice a about getting them. They are illegal in many states and should be in all of them. besides these people dont even know what they are talking about "chimp monkey"? Chimps are NOT even monkeys they are apes. i know someone who is very close to me and works for orangutan outreach at a nonprofit website that raises money to HELP orangutans and other apes. if you want to do something good in the world go to websites like that and other ones. any chimp that you would get for a pet has been torn from its mother when it was just born. they are supposed to live with their mother for up to 5 years. how would you like it if you were torn from your own mother and never to see her again because she was KILLED. she was probably shot and killed for bush meat and that baby was sold in an illegal pet trade. do you know how many times that baby has been shipped around from place to place? they have feelings too you know. now i know that this person probably breeds them but they were still from the wild AND they are ENDANGERED. you need to think twice about what pets you get wether it being a dog to an elephant. i am going to let you guys go out and do the research yourself BUT i am going to fight against this cruelty and i dont care what anyone else thinks because this is just CRUEL!

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