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Highpriest Servals 9 yr ago x
2 male Serval cubs. Born June 8 2012. Available in Canada. Highpriest Servals on Facebook and youtube. cubs will be ready to go home Aug 3/4 2012.
Highpriest Servals 9 yr ago x
Servals in Canada. 2 males born June 8 2012. These boys can be followed on Facebook and Youtube : Highpriest Servals
$6000 each

Heather Brady 8 yr ago x
I am an older (63) retired woman that has been in love with the Serval Cat for probably 20-25 years. Unfortunately I have never been able to make that dream a reality. My kids, husband and breeding Newfoundland Dogs and Arabian horses had to come first. Now my husband lives somewhere else, my kids are grown up and I no longer breed dogs or horses. I still can't afford to purchase my dream Serval, but, I am still hoping that somehow I will have the chance to own or at least visit with some of these incredible cats. Do you or do you know of anyone who might have a retired Serval or might be interested in a co ownership where as the ca't would be with me but would return to the breeder when the cubs were due. When the babies are weaned the Moma comes back to me until next litter. I am pretty open to ideas. I know that animals are a labour of love and I do miss having the puppies and foals around me. Anyway, I live in Maple Ridge and my Mom taught me to ask because the worse that can happen is the person can say no.
I would even just like to go somewhere and enjoy these beautiful creatures, even if I could never own one.
Thanks ahead of time.
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