cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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rose 10 yr ago x
I'm also one of the many to know this site is a scam.I'am a devoted fan of Chimp Eden and Orangutan ISland.I watch Eugene Cussions putting his life on the line to save chimpanzees,to make sure they can live free live they are attended to and Lone with her Orangutans,theses people devote their whole lives to give back to planet earth and to let theses animals have the life God attend them to have.Sure I would love to have a baby orangutan or baby chimp but I would be apart of the problem causing them to become more endangered than wht they already are.If I ever won the lottery,I would donate some of it to these folks who spend their lives ensuring these beautiful animals their freedom and safety from us--MAN.I want my grandchildren to grow-up knowing what a orangutan or chimp is not what they were.Theses animals should be kept free.It is against the lawa in many states to have these as pets,thanks to God.I ve seen pictures of baby orangutans placed in small crates to be sent to owners who have bought them for pets,they arrive dead from lack of air to breath.Watch Chimp Eden and Orangutan ISland,these shows will educate you ,make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes.Its a shame they have taken them off Animal Planet.I know I ve learnt alot from watching them.
sergio ramirez 10 yr ago x
we are very interested in a female baby chimp to be imported to venezuela, please send me a full info, and pictures

best regards

srgio ramirez
Alison Miller 10 yr ago x
I am really wanting to buy a boy baby chimp. Let me know
vanlex 10 yr ago x
i like to buy a chimpanzee baby
famale or male
ram 10 yr ago x
information and would like to buy a pair as old as a couple of months.
please provide further details
Terra 10 yr ago x
Can you please send pictures on the youngest that you have ? I am very interested and also need to know where to get the food .
abi 10 yr ago x
how old r they right now
chelsey 10 yr ago x
could you email me pics???
Gabe 10 yr ago x
This is illegal and it is really , really stupid and infuriating reading all the stupid replies. I have worked with chimpanzee/ orangutans and I will tell you unless you have 50k to build a shitty enclosure and another 20k per year for food, and are willing to pay a full time vet a yearly salary you may fianancially be able to do this.

But I guess since all these posts show me you all are dense, this guy is a fake, and is trying to steal money.
It is illegal, for this person to so this in the US, I can tell you of many state laws and one federal law that says you cannot own this GREAT APE, NOT AN Fin monkey.
It is considered abuse to purchase an endangered animal and expose it to all sort of human pathogens which have a strong possibility of killing your chimp

Even if you get passed all this and are rich I GUARANTEE you will be missing fingers after a year or two. I don't care how good you are or how well trained your chimpanzee is. It will happen.
I have scientifically worked with chimps and orangutans please listen to me.
By the way
Chimps when even illegally sold go for 15k to 25k per male sometimes more for a female. Do your research
brangie 10 yr ago x
send info and pics please! chimps are awesome and they are so smart.
jlo 10 yr ago x
i to buy a chimp, my gramps had one when i was little and we were best friends. please tell me how i can even come to collect him in person
deewolf 10 yr ago x
How much for chimp how old is chimpanzees do they have k-9's. Vacccines etc. Why selling
Monkey lover 10 yr ago x
My husband and I would love to have a chimp. All of our children are grown and I can no longer have children. I am a full time sray at home person and would lovve to have a little one. Please let us know what we have to do to get one. Thank you from Virgini
Megan 10 yr ago x
i wanna adopt this Chimpanzee monkey
lol 10 yr ago x
i realy want to buy your chimpanzee so plz send me a email back for more info
benza 10 yr ago x
i would like a baby female if not a baby than just a girl please get to me as soon as possible thanks!
Bobie 10 yr ago x
please get back 2 me ASAP I have cash in hand
Wayne 10 yr ago x
I am interested in a very young male. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Rob 10 yr ago x
I would like to purchase a baby chimpanzee so if you can please send me your number
edrina 10 yr ago x
i love chimpanzee's and who ever says there bad pets I HATE THEM AND UR NOT A DR DR.BEN UR SO STUPID
Alisha 10 yr ago x
Wanted a very young one. Please send picture and all info.
SERGIO RAMIREZ 10 yr ago x
Im very interested in a baby chimp to be in venezuela home!!Please send me info. And prices!
Best regards
sergio ramirez!!
oscar garcia 10 yr ago x
Please send me pictures and more information thanks
todd 10 yr ago x
iam look to buy a baby chimpanzee to love and take care of it will have its own bed room so if some one can help me out of get one . thank you
Ali  10 yr ago x
can i have a number? i would like to know, and have questions.
khyann 10 yr ago x
Do you have a girl left? And photos?
Melanie 10 yr ago x
I would love for you to send me pictures. Can I go to you to see the chimps myself and pay you there. And where do you keep the chips? What country?
* Let me know.... Melanie
Zion 9 yr ago x
Please. I've wanted a chimpanzee all my life. I even came up with names for a male and female. Curtis and Cookie. Please. Please contact me as soon as it is conveinent for you and give me as much imformation as possible. Thank you so much!
melvin w karnes 9 yr ago x
I have read the warnings about these chimps they are cute.but are very dangerous my family is more important the these savage beast any lived any where near me would be indangering my family leave them where they be long were no where close to being related to these animals we were created in the image of God
Amber 9 yr ago x
Inteested in the youngest monkey you have please send pics too thanks
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