cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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DOGMAN 10 yr ago x
You'ed be lucky to get a Capuchin or Spider monkey for that price, pull your head out and do a little research with that computer and you would know when your being SCAMED!!!
Joey 10 yr ago x
I live in new york and i am very interested in buying one of those monkeys please send me more info
RutheeJ425 10 yr ago x
MeeMee! Thank you very much for you post. I would like to hear more stories of how chimps (and monkeys) turned against their owners, and what the results were of such attacks. I believe that if people find more information about being maimed and attacked, they will think twice about wanting to own one. By the way, people, even if ur primate is behaving, u will still have to deal with constant masterbation and other filthy behavior, which is ongoing in the life or a wild animal. We, humans were made to control our impulses, whereas wild animals are just that, wild animals. They also develop personality problems when they are not raised with a troop...Like MeeMee said, DO UR RESEARCH PEOPLE, BEFORE YOU RUIN UR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF A PRIMATE!
anne 10 yr ago x
i am only 10 years old can you show me some pictures of them is it possible to get just 1 tamed one.please get back to me on that
nazo 10 yr ago x
i want to buy Pair of Chipms, Where are you located and when is possible to see them before Buy,

please send some Picts.


dimples 10 yr ago x
I am trying to find out how to get a baby chimpanzee for my husband for a gift and i would like to know where can i bye one
i <3 monkeys 10 yr ago x
Will you still have chimpanzees in 2 years or so ? and could u send some pics.
MeeMee 10 yr ago x
I have a dog and 2 cats... both of which are DOMESTIC animals... not WILD animals!! A chimpanzee is a WILD animal, even if it has been born in captivity. Thousands of years ago, the wild cousins of today's domestic animals, were habituated into living with humans so now we have domestic animals that are nothing like their wild cousins. The domestic animal relies on humans. Chimpanzees are WILD!
In order to have a chimpanzee as a pet, one has to be taken from the wild and bred in the last few years as thousands of years ago, people didn't domesticate them (thankfully!!!)

I do NOT eat meat but what has that got to do with anything?! That's not the issue being discussed! If you want I could go into one about the meat industry... but as far as I am aware, no one is talking about eating animals here?!

A zoo life will never be OK but its better than living in a persons home. In a good zoo, animals are given the chance to display natural behaviours, live within a natural group and not be treated like pets! In a persons home they will be punished if they show natural behaviours like aggression and dominance displays, they will never live in a natural group unless you have about 20 comprising of dominant male and many subordinates. And they will be treated like a pet... until they are caged when they become unhandleable!

I have a life. My life consists of educating people and saving animals from a horrid existence. I have devoted my life in saving animals. I think this is one of the most worthwhile things you can do with your life! I am not "in your life"... I am in the life of every animal that I have helped. Please show respect for these animals as they should never be pets.

I'm glad this website is just a scam as none of you should ever own a single animals if this is how you intend on getting them!!!
RutheeJ425 10 yr ago x
Wow, Rachel, u sound really hostile. Thank you, MeeMee, for answering her stupidity. I would have a difficult time going way down to her level to try and explain the stupidity of her response to people who are trying to spare her from owning a wild cannibalistic animal in her home, which will end up attacking her and maiming not only her, but others who are close to her, such as friends and other family members..Then again, it might work out fine, if she decided to go live with the chimps in the jungle, so they can tear her apart, limb by limb and enjoy themselves while eating her flesh...why not? Sounds fun, now, don't it? yuck yuck...Tell me, MeeMee, why are people who are so ignorant? I just don't get it.
nadia 10 yr ago x
i wanted to ask u if ur shipping includes lebanon to .thanks i want a chimpanzee
walter 10 yr ago x
Thanks for your Mail.
Im intresting in one male schimpanzee.
Money is not the problem i would like to know the procededure to export overseas.
Im leaving in Kenya and due to our wildlive regulations we are not allowed to keep human monkeys wild live bread.
Are its possible to bring on in from outside who was breed in captivity thats ok with our laws.
So what would be the procedure for export /import.

best regards
mom 10 yr ago x
Please.small me more information and contact info. I am obtaining my permits now for a.chimpanzee.
liset  10 yr ago x
I am really interested in the chimps! we have wanted one forever! plez contact me asap!!
nolan  10 yr ago x
do you need a licence to own a chimp
doodle 10 yr ago x
chimpanzee - are they here in texas like to get your address so i can see them please
cubid 10 yr ago x
my husband raised 3 chimps in the 80's would love to have another one we have 240 acres and lots of love and knowledge
Kit-Kat 10 yr ago x
can i please have some picture and know were your located, also if im able to have here in the u.s.a
doodle 10 yr ago x
U can have them in texas but it may b law in ur county u li
ve in not texas call ur county for more
Isa 10 yr ago x
Hi do you know if i can have it in California? I want one. When i was little we had one it was like my brother, and my mother treated him like her son. Would you please send me same pictures and more imformation about it?
greg  10 yr ago x
im a very unintelagent man,6 grade education ,not smart at all,BUT! the peeps saying dont get monkey are very right. its not some cat or dog yur tryin to get it be just like having a baby with very big responsabilitys in raising it to behave as it gets older. it does not learn that taking someones fase off is a bad thing. i must say they are so damn cute and do the cutest things.i loved the one i had with all my heart and soul and want a nother one realy bad but i know what happens around age 12 or 13 . one sun morn the man next door to me had to shoot it while it was bitting the back of my head and neck and stomping on my shoulders. i caused this by trying to get him to try on a new shirt i had just got for him his head was coverd by the shirt and i stepped on his toe, thats all it took folkes,i loved jave very much and him me as well we did everthing together its been 6 years and i still miss him. but know i have brain dam- and very bad scar. this is just to let you know what CAN more thing,this 1500 $ price is crap.i paid 18 thousand fore java 17 years ago..
dev 10 yr ago x
can you send me more pics of the male
Mike H 10 yr ago x
I would really like to own a chimp just not right now. I am hoping I can find someone who owns one so I can talk more in depth with them on owning one then maybe in 4 or 5 years search for my very own pet/son chimp
em 10 yr ago x
Can you send me pictures aof the females and hold one for me
Sunshine28 10 yr ago x
I have been looking to get a baby girl chimp from a newborn. Please send me your contact information so we can talk. Thank You -Anita-
I Love Chimps 10 yr ago x
I want to buy a chimp for real. im not lying can you contact me with the prices and how to get a lisense? i live in PA so it is legle to have one. i want a female baby chimp. *I love chimps*
big dog 10 yr ago x
im intrested in a chimp send me info please
magic 10 yr ago x
i want a new born chimp
lisa 10 yr ago x
Hello, I am interested in purchasing a pair of chimps for my petting zoo. Please contact me.
Thanks Lisa
kelc 10 yr ago x
how much is a baby girl chimpinze
raven brown 10 yr ago x
heey , i am interested in buying a baby male chimp off of you .. please contact me asap , thank you.
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