cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Vet tech 10 yr ago x
WOW you people are morons. If you don't even know that a chimpanzee isn't a monkey, you shouldn't even own any type of primate. Let alone one that is twice as strong as you and almost as smart as a human, yet without human ethics or morality.
crissi 10 yr ago x
hello everyone i just want to say that everyone is intitled to there opinion and we all make mistakes but we dont listen until we have done them and that is the way it has to go sometimes . Take me for instince i have three kids and my oldest son asked me to get him a chimp for christmas in 2008 so i did and we loved him cuddly cute sweet beautiful and never miss be haved then one day i woke up and found my son covered in blood my chimp coco had got out of her cage and hit my son in the head with his lava lamp and killed him while he slept it is hard for me to even write this but we have to learn from our mistakes i did mine i just hope you dont want to make the same good bye and please stop fighting for goodness sakes life is to short i really mean that.
MONKEY CRAZY 10 yr ago x
How much does it cost to keep and raise a chimp per month?And how do they respond to people with disabilitys?you can also reach me on facebook my name is Thomas Irvine from huntington.
kayla 10 yr ago x
hi can you give me a call at *** thanks
Lori Lomonaco 10 yr ago x
I am interested in spending some years with a baby to help domesticate it for a zoo later will it will be in contact with alot of human care and observation. I currently raised a Rottwieler and German Shepard which I spent years training making them who they are today. If you want pictures of their lifestyle or their training I will send them. I was on th abc news when the new monkey closure first opened at the Phil. Zoo.....I would like to have a baby with me, raise it with love, see him or her for the rest of its life no m atter where it ended up, your right they don't forget.....either do I as an animal lover...they are always and would always be part of my family and heart. I think I could help prepare them for zoo keepers....people oriented long as the keepers were kind. I will add one more thing about the woman attacked because I read all your monkey responses...?.....There was something that freaked him, I don;t believe he did it by nature......I have a question for you?.....Did you ever see the movie "Buddy"....about the chimp/ape?.....He stole my heart and I am a woman of her heart. I would like a reply and would respect your response good or bad. I live in Bethlehem, Pa. and would only train her or him to love people and have fun. I have every faith there is in this world that I can do this and send my baby to a friendly zoo and be the kindest most loveable animal ever.......please respond...Thank You Kindly, Lori Lomonaco.....Get ready because when 'Annie"...(girl)....or "Charlie"....(male) leaves me, they will want Christmas presents and know who Santa is, in the summer they will look foward to playing in the pool with you on a hot day....and finding presents from the Easter Bunny with your guidance...of course there will not be chocolate....but a squeky toy and some healthy treats. Thank You for listening, I have so much love in my heart and so much room for a baby.....please write back. Sincerely, Lori Lomonaco. I am 50 yrs, old in case you were wondering, I own my own house, fenced in yard,pool,3 stories, its beautiful, lots of windows and air, and they eat what I eat on a special snack day,(meaning we all had a good day}....piece of pizza....cheesesteak....or scrambled eggs with cheese and toast....(smiling)...unless you tell me not to....then I follow your knowledge....and you and I stay in touch this way I can send you pictures and show you how close we've become. My mother always told me I could take the meanest breed of dog and make it calm....I have living proof of rottie and my shepard are big babies...but also ready to protect me. I know I could never keep him or her forever but maybe....definitly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....could prepare him or her for zoo life where human contact is daily and loving....I'll wait for your respond you have my email....thank you fopr listening...I have pictures and references of anything you need. I am home everyday and night. 3 years ago I had a stroke but came out of it completely. Got passed paralization to my left side after 2 yrs. of therapy...I am far from a quitter and have more good intention and love in my heart than cupid!.........for animals....humans I could take em or leave em....ha...ha...ha....only kidding. I'll wait for a response, if you decide against me, i willl understand but would still like to meet you and your babys, I have money and can travel, it would make my lifetime dream come'll see the connection I have to the craziest animals......God gave me a gift, I truly believe it and the way animals react to me back it up....i feel no fear, just a calm connection, and it goes from there. Love Always, Lori Jean.
Steffy 10 yr ago x
I would like more information on purchasing an adorable baby chimp
TP 10 yr ago x
Need chimp
Mindy 10 yr ago x
I am interested in buying a femail baby chimp. Please email me more pictures of the girl chimps. Thanks so much.
Die 10 yr ago x
You people are sick, sick, sick. Buying and selling wild animals is against the law and only someone with no feelings would put a baby animal into such a horrendous situation. You should all die in cages!!!!!
Joe Las vegas  10 yr ago x
I would like to buy a male baby but give me 5 or 8 years until i get the money, but i would like pictures.
Joe Las vegas  10 yr ago x
its not sick Die okay its kinda of nice if you think about, first of all they dont need to be behind bars and second dont need to be in the wild, do you know how a lot of people now a days haunt and kill.
nasstasia 10 yr ago x
are there any chimpanzee for sale, shippment for malta please?
Mandy Hamilton 10 yr ago x
I was thinking of getting a chimp pet, but after reading all those comments regarding the hassles of chimp ownership, I have decided to forgo of this idea. I would like to especially thank Dr. Ben for his genuinely concerned and detailed explanations WHY WE SHOULD NOT OWN A CHIMP as a pet. By the way, Mark is right, chimps don't cost $2000! The least expensive ones are around $50,000 to 60,000. With that kind of money,my question is why NOT to adopt a beautiful HUMAN BABY?!
Lee 10 yr ago x
I have seen chimps in their natural habitat in Rwanda (that's in Africa for those who don't know) and I personally think anybody who wants to "own" one is an evil, selfish rotten bastard. Good luck. I hope payback is miserable for the person selling these beautiful creatures.
sarah 10 yr ago x
would all you people that are telling everyone how bad it is to own as chimp please back off? if anyone cared they would stop asking about the are waisting your breath...they know there risks if they dont then they shouldn't own a chimp...
alyssa 10 yr ago x
when did you post that you had him for sale? interested
Mason Harris 10 yr ago x
I was wondering what i have to go threw to odipe a monkey?
MATT 10 yr ago x
how do i purchase a chimp . i dont see any options for that?
Snarky 10 yr ago x
i would name my chimp Sally.
Melanie 10 yr ago x
Where are you located? What airline would you use to send to Birmingham,Alabama? Can you send pictures of infant female chimpanzee?
Chimp Fever 10 yr ago x
What female chimps do you have available for just a regular family member not a breeding monkey? Email me some pics!
Chimp Fever 10 yr ago x
What female chimps do you have available for just a regular family member not a breeding monkey? Email me some pics!
tiger 10 yr ago x
may u send me picture of a female please
You are all dumb. 10 yr ago x
Obviously nobody on this message board has seen rise of the planet of the apes. Caesar (the ape) did just fine until someone provoked him. so chimps do make good pets. why dont you trollers go get lives and stop crushing peoples dreams. they can figure it out on there own. and if its still legal to own a primate of any kind then its not as dangerous as you think. if your not specifically a ape trainer then shut the @#%@ up and get off this message board.
MeeMee 10 yr ago x
I have so much to say on this topic however I realise my comment will probably fall on deaf ears but I need to say it regardless...

1. Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are NOT monkeys! Monkeys (with a few exceptions) have tails! Chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, bonobos and gibbons are APES!

2. The prospect of owning a primate appeals to us all. I will admit that in my childhood I dreamt of owning a primate and treating it like my child. But as I grew up, I developed a passion for wildlife and conservation and I knew that a primate (or any wild animal for that matter), does not make a good pet. There are countless stories of primates turning on their owners.
Owners that believed these primates were their "babies" or "part of the family". A chimpanzee will never be your baby, or a part of your family. A chimpanzee is a wild animal. Not like a domesticated dog or cat that has been selectively bred for so long that they are so far removed from their wild relatives and require our attention to keep them healthy in this modern day. Chimpanzees however, are completely wild animals still. They may have been brought up in captivity but the species is a wild, dangerous animal. Yes, they are dangerous. Yes, a dog can be dangerous too, as can a horse or a rabbit! Pretty much every animal has some sort of instinct that can be dangerous in some way. Whether its a small nibble on your finger (rabbits have drawn blood on me many times), or the removal of a limb. This is what a chimpanzee is capable of doing, and very easily to a human. Any good chimpanzee care giver at any sanctuary will tell you that chimpanzees are unpredictable, unreliable and highly dangerous and should never engage in human contact. Infact, raising a chimpanzee from an infant to an adult and keeping it in captivity with regular human contact will make the chimpanzee see a human as one of its own kind and, not realising its own strength, do serious damage to a human.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, people are still requesting chimpanzees as pets. Surely you know the perils they go through?! In the wilds of Africa, chimpanzee mothers are being shot from their trees, their screaming infants forcibly removed from their dying body and boxed up to be smuggled across the world to provide people like with pets for a few years, before you get bored with it or before it hurts someone. For this reason, as well as others such as deforestation, the numbers of chimpanzees in the wild are seriously declining and we are losing our closest relative. Chimpanzees live in troops and in order to get one infant, many other adults have to lose their lives. That's like someone breaking into your house, kidnapping your child and killing the entire family!!!
I'm actually shaking at the prospect of humans believing chimpanzees to be good pets. I went to a primate rescue centre yesterday where they have many primates rescued from the pet trade and rehabilitated into natural groupings. Sanctuaries like this regularly go out to people's houses and find a primate in a sealed, dirty, iron bar cage and rescue the poor thing from this unacceptable life. This is what happens to primates kept in captivity. The novelty wears off, the primate becomes unmanageable, expensive, dangerous and they spend their life living within a metal cage. You can tell yourselves all you want that you won't let this happen... but I can guarantee that it will... Or you will have it euthanised before it gets to this point.

To the last comment, I hope to "crush people's dreams" because I care about the life of that chimp, not the selfish needs of the human. I care for animals. I am studying my BSc in animal management, I spent the last 8 weeks volunteering in Indonesia and I intend on spending my life working in rescue and rehabilitation of primates. I hope to change peoples opinions on owning primates as pets for the primates sake. Most species of primate are endangered. Soon, many could be extinct. That means we will lose them off the planet. I have seen the perils of wild primates for myself. I will do all I can to stop primates becoming extinct... and one of things I have to do is educate people on primates and how they do not make good pets! I want to encourage people to think about their actions and encourage them to spend their money more wisely... perhaps on conserving the wild animal... and not on buying a pet primate!!!
I could say much much more but I am trying my hardest not to. I am not going to insult, swear or curse at those of you wishing to own a chimpanzee... I just hope you have actually done the research on primates as pets and seen for yourself that the life of pet primates is never a good one! Please please please research this properly and I trust you make the right decision. Please don't have primates as pets!
Bill Dakota 10 yr ago x
I posted my experience with chimps in a Circus, on this site, that I traveled with. Not all chimps are Cheeta, like in the Tarzan movies. Yes, they are cute and friendly at an early age. After they are five of six, they can get very mean. Bubbles knocked Michael Jackson down. He took him/her back to Bob Dunne the trainer. Now Bubbles is in the Angeles National Forest Animal Preserve.

Chimps are on the endangered species list. "They cannot be imported." 15 years ago they were $25,000. If you could find a seller. There are no chimps for $1,500 or $2,000. Someone is playing games here. Years ago, there was one on a morning TV show. It bit the guy who used him on his television show. Dave Garroway. He was shocked that such a cute little chimp would do harm like that after being so friendly with him. He was never used on the TV show again.
MeeMee 10 yr ago x
Bubbles is at the Centre for Great Apes in Florida... a sanctuary filled with those lucky apes that have been rescued from peoples homes, TV shows, circuses and laboratories.
brody 10 yr ago x
I was wondering if you could send me a pic of a baby one and a older one just to see would kinda loom as an older monkey.. thanks
holmers 10 yr ago x
hi can u send me your phone number so we can talk about buy one asap thanks
walter 10 yr ago x
Im intrested in a female please quote me the export to africa.
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