cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Mohit  11 yr ago x
Hi i'm mohit from india&wan a buy a chimp as pet so can u mail me all the informatiom regarding it.
Nick 10 yr ago x
iam from greece and i really want to adopt one baby chimp!! please send me an e-mail about the price of the youngest (male) chimp you have and tell me if its possible to ship the chimp to greece! thank u
Jolinar 10 yr ago x
i want pictures pleese
db3a$tly monkey lover 10 yr ago x
How much is he
catman 10 yr ago x
wow, i see alot of responses to this ad. maybe you'll get a few suckers to actually send money to your scam.
Dawn 10 yr ago x
Lacy, First I would consider an ad listing the price of a chimpanzee at $2,000, highly suspicious. My problem is the desire people have to purchase wild animals as pets. As for the chimp attack in CT, yes the owner gave her chimp medication but the outcome of that attack was not an isolated incident! There have been many similar chimp attacks without the involvement of drugs. The injuries Charla Nash sustained are a common outcome in a chimp attack. Her case was widely publicized and her pictures are all over the Internet. Although I agree with catman that this ad is clearly a scam, the people seeking to purchase a chimp are real. I advise those interested to look up the photo's of Charla Nash before making the decision to own a chimpanzee.
MattBahi 10 yr ago x
Hello i am intrested in adopting a chimp i was wondering if the chips are still for sale and if you have any baby chimps please email me and send pictures also.
Julie  10 yr ago x
I would like to adopt a chimpanzee but where could i find one that i can order with money order?
tabetha gile 10 yr ago x
please call me with the info i'm very interested thank you!
nick 10 yr ago x
i would like a baby male chimpanzee. but i would like to pick him up so he does not have stress of being shipped.thanks!
Hassan 10 yr ago x
I want to buy a pair so please contact me
Wtf?! 10 yr ago x
Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke. Don't want to call you guys that want a chimp the biggest idiots that ever were, but maybe you are just not educated on the issue. Well educate yourselves and then you will find out this is the biggest mistake. Did you know to have a pet primate that the baby is ripped from mom so that you can have it?!! APES are the best moms and they don't want their babies taken away from them. Would you? Also they may look cute now but they wont be that cute and cuddly a few years from know when they are 8times stronger then you and ripping your arms off. When chimps or any wild animals get into the red zone there is no stopping them. Don't think you can love that out of them. You crazy. And so after you start having problems with them and they are so big you can't contain them anymore, you send them away and they are so mentally and socially fucked up. And this is your fault and the total moron selling these "Chimpanzee monkeys" Educate yourselves people.
doodles 10 yr ago x
how big will they get
bob 10 yr ago x
I am wanting to get a chimp I have had 3 in the past and have also had 2 Japanese snow macaque please let me know where i can get a chimp
arthur 10 yr ago x
please get me more info what you have available, if you can please emial me photos.
Beauty 10 yr ago x
Were u you located
stephanie 10 yr ago x
i am very interested in your baby chimpazees
Tiffany 10 yr ago x
contact me for more information regarding my baby chimp
hawk 10 yr ago x
please email me with information on how to buy a chimp
kara 10 yr ago x
could you email me info.. i would love to adopt one of your chimps
Jo 10 yr ago x
you are all idiots do you know how dangerous having a chimp is? after a couple years it will be up to 2 times stronger than a grown man! you should think twice a about getting them. They are illegal in many states and should be in all of them. besides these people dont even know what they are talking about "chimp monkey"? Chimps are NOT even monkeys they are apes. i know someone who is very close to me and works for orangutan outreach at a nonprofit website that raises money to HELP orangutans and other apes. if you want to do something good in the world go to websites like that and other ones. any chimp that you would get for a pet has been torn from its mother when it was just born. they are supposed to live with their mother for up to 5 years. how would you like it if you were torn from your own mother and never to see her again because she was KILLED. she was probably shot and killed for bush meat and that baby was sold in an illegal pet trade. do you know how many times that baby has been shipped around from place to place? they have feelings too you know. now i know that this person probably breeds them but they were still from the wild AND they are ENDANGERED. you need to think twice about what pets you get wether it being a dog to an elephant. i am going to let you guys go out and do the research yourself BUT i am going to fight against this cruelty and i dont care what anyone else thinks because this is just CRUEL!
zamira solorza 10 yr ago x
hi how you doing , im glad i found this because ive been trying to buy one for the longest .. please get back at me with info
Biggie 10 yr ago x
To all you dummies that are thinking about getting a chimpazees, what is it with us humans trying to make wild animals as a house hold pet they are dangerous and can kill you I have witnessed it first hand....stay away dummies and to the ones with a little bit of sence tell the rest of the dummies how much of a bad idea it is. And who would adopt a five year old chimp.....oh the dummies I mentioned earlier.
Jay 10 yr ago x
I would just like to say to everyone on here talking down to the people who are interested in owning a chimp: ***!! mind your own business! I dont agree with owning a chimp either, but i would seriously consider getting one now just to piss off *** *** know-it-alls like you. you couldnt do *** about it except *** on the internet some more. y do you feel the need to butt in on something that has nothing to do with you! obviously anyone that is interested in owning a chimp is not paying any attention to you! all i hear is, "owning a chimp is a bad idea, bla bla bla, im a big fat smelly ***." its not that u think owning a wild animal is bad, its the fact that u feel the need to cry about it online is what pisses me off. If you ever tried telling me this *** in person i would knock your stupid *** teeth out for telling me how to live. *** *** all and have a nice day.

edit admin: please mind your language
april 10 yr ago x
Can you please email me. Im interested in a babby chimp
Scott 10 yr ago x
Can you please e-mail me some pictures of the baby chimps and the cage that comes with them? Also, where are you located? Thanks!
lori 10 yr ago x
hey i wanted to see if youwould ship a chimp to las vegas nv... and if you have any little babys right now please email me your number?
kurt 10 yr ago x
how much for a giant munk? could i train it to beat my enemies or pick up square bales of hay?
Bill dakota 10 yr ago x
Michael Jackson was knocked down by Bubbles as he got older. He gave him back to Bob Dunne the owner. Bubbles is now in the Los Angeles National Forest Animal Preserve. Chimps are on the endangered species list and cannot be imported. They used to sell for $25,000 but that price has risen over the years. There could be a few being mated, but I doubt it. Circus performers have a hard time finding any. When they age, they are dangerous. When I was young I liked them too. I traveled with the Rudy Bros. Circus and often helped the trainers. But, one day I was holding on to the wrong one. A dangerous one. I was told to stand still and they would take her away from me. This guy, Nicollini was mean to his chimps. He used to whip them with a rubber hose until they were bleeding. The circus finally fired him. Elvis had a chimp that turned mean too. It finally died.
Bill Dakota 10 yr ago x
I would like to add that a person had a chimp and as it grew older, they felt sorry that it was out of the wild where it belonged. They sent it back to Africa only to learn that the natives caught and killed it. Its hands were cut off and sold as ashtrays to tourists. Once a chimp is raised in captivity, they become victims when sent back to the wilderness. They are cute and fun to see in the movies. But, not to own one. The few in movies are owned by professionals who know how to handle them without injury. They are not monkeys. They are anthrapoid apes.
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