cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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Quenten 12 yr ago x
I love primates i grew up with them when i was a child i have son he is 5 years old i live in Texas please send pictures and info to me Asap i need to decide quickly .Mostly likley a baby female
Millie 12 yr ago x
I too have followed the chimpanzee attack in CT. Yes, I feel sorry for the innocent woman who lost her nose, sight, mouth, hands, etc...because her friend's pet, Travis, did to her. I too feel sorry for Travis. God, it was so sad for him to be shot and killed. Guess where he went to when he was shot, back into the house to the area he always felt safe and slept, only to die. It makes me cry to think of how he felt. His misguided "owner" betrayed him and the attack was not his fault, but he too was a victim. (So sad)
Millie 12 yr ago x
R.I.P Travis!!
batool 12 yr ago x
hello, i was just asking if your offer about the baby chimp. is still on or not??? i'm a 24 years old girl from Iraq i finised pharmacy college a year ago... and it has been my dream since i was a little child to have a chimp, and i always tried to find one here in Iraq but i never could find one before and now that i read this article i felt so happy and it would be the best thing in my life to have this little baby, i can take care of him and give him the best life he could ever has, i have all the necessary things to make him happy plus i have read a lot of books abt how to act with them and how to live with them so it should be easy for me... so please try to make my dream comes true as i will be so thankful if u gave me an answer .... thank you very much for your time.
janet 12 yr ago x
hi i am very interested in having a baby chimp (female)i have always wanted one i love monkeys they are so cute. ...can you please e-mail me back with the prices and your location. please and thank you.
pick me first 12 yr ago x
I wll pay triple and 1000$ more. Just sell me one PLEASE as long as u send me one first we can talk negotiate the price
 12 yr ago x
Aww they are so cute!

monkeylove 12 yr ago x
My wife left me a few days ago and i am terribly lonely. I think that a female chimp would be just the ticket.I know that they are agressive but I am ready to take on the challenge. I have enough money to pay your asking price. Please let me know how i can get my hands on this thing.
shawn 12 yr ago x
i would love to buy a female chimpanzee
justin 12 yr ago x
can you send me pictures of the male chimpanzees??
Timmy  12 yr ago x
Bay Chimpanzee are awesome i really want to get one i am saving up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Timmy 12 yr ago x
Baby cimpanzee are awesome. I want to get one. It's a lot of money but am saving up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
j 12 yr ago x
r u all f'ing nuts? have you not seen the devastation that so called "pet chimps" have caused in people's lives? I suggest you do a bit of research and rethink your decision to put yourself and anyone near you in such serious danger.
Joey Nelson 12 yr ago x
I am very interested in buying a baby male chimpanzee
Joey Nelson 12 yr ago x
can you also send me some pics of the male baby chimpanzees i am from Dayton Tenneessee and really want to buy one
Hassan 12 yr ago x
What will be procedure of buying
JO JO 12 yr ago x
are you people out of your minds? What is wrong with getting a puppy or a kitten? What is this new need that people seem to have nowadays for an exotic pet, which can rip off ur face and hands..but i guess up until that happens, it's cool. I even have heard that some people have "intimacy" with their chimps...oooh..sounds hot!
Rog 12 yr ago x
I have a pet monkey. He was cool for the first 2 yrs now he wants to rip my face off. If you think you want one come over and see mine for a couple min. you might change your mind. Thay dont make good pets and do turn meen. What fun are thay if you cant let them out of their cage.Good Luck People
city 12 yr ago x
i am really intrested in buying a baby monkey if u could contact me through email that would be great
luke 12 yr ago x
Your all dumb!! Leave them in their natural habitat, and yes that is not your living room FYI!
Angela 12 yr ago x
I was wondering do you still have a baby female Chimpanzee? If so please contact me by my email. Thank you
jenni 12 yr ago x
pls contact me i have a few questions about chimps . send pictures pls
Heather Moore 12 yr ago x
Please contact me my email, i want more info on the chimps... Thanks a bunch...
zilah 12 yr ago x
to: Hans Dominik i hope you can take the time to look at my letter. i am interested in buying a baby chimp. I am very well with animals and if you allow me to get a chimp that is around 12 weeks that is a male i will treat it like it should i will keep if it healthy, and happy. if you could i hope you can make time in your day to read and respond to the message. and also can you send pictures to my email. Thank you and have a good day. :)
kendra 12 yr ago x
Hi I was wondering where you guys were located and the lowest you will go on a baby boy chimp
heather and brandan 11 yr ago x
hi were are you located and whats the lowest price you will go on a boy they do good in the community.and what kind of food do they eat.
tan 11 yr ago x
I'm glad you are all in the U.S. In Canada, we all know better than to have a chimp as a "pet" they will turn on you one day, and maim you or kill you. Not a good idea, if you love chimps so much, let them stay in the wil where they belong
Suze 11 yr ago x
are they still for sale? cause a friend of mine would like to buy one, he's addicted to chimps but dunno where to buy here in Indonesia.
guess they'll be ok if you've to ship here to Indonesia? cause my friend's aunt has shipped 4 dogs before and they all dead when they arrived.
gim 11 yr ago x
can I have the chimpanzee 200
your mom 11 yr ago x
Don't sell chimpzees you idoits, i hate you all

Your Mom
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