cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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 12 yr ago x
monkeys are cute and adorable no matter what you do to them
bill 12 yr ago x
what are there names
Cheryl 12 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a baby chimp from you. where are you located at, also how much is adoption fee
brandon boutte 12 yr ago x
please send me info how i purchase a monkey, me and my wife would love
ghalia 12 yr ago x
hello,im very interessted and i really want to have a male chimpanzee,also i hope he's specially trained and very smart and playful and fuuny, if its possible can you give me info on how to purchase a monkey and also if im allowed to have it in jeddah. THANKS
ghalia 12 yr ago x
hi again sorry but i also forgot to say that i want the male monkey to be young, please answer by tom or the day after because its urgent. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Abby (Abigail) 12 yr ago x
I really want to adop[t this chimp for around say 300 smackeroonies. please email me because i have to have that adorable little baby chimp!
Abby (Abigail Roberts)
chad 12 yr ago x
hello i would like some pic of the baby chimps please that are available for purchase thx.
priscilla 12 yr ago x
where are u located at? ;]
jackie 12 yr ago x
hey i need some info on the chimps phone number, loaction, and others
hali 12 yr ago x
how much and where are you located.. and can you ship them?
carolina sanchez 12 yr ago x
Trying to get info on chimps. What are the prices and where are you located?can you send me more pictures and information .
 12 yr ago x
Hi my daughter had wanted a chimp since she was a little girl I was just wondering if u culd give me a little more info please. Were very very interested thanx
pweth 12 yr ago x
where do i get it from
lalaland 12 yr ago x
i would like a list of some Male/Female
for sale i am interested but i need prices of course and were are you located
k-bug 12 yr ago x
plezz send me pics and informatioon about them and hom much it would cost and where u are located at and where they will be shiped or if we have to come drive and get them i live in indiana but we are driving to florida for christmas! plez contact me at my email on
sammy  12 yr ago x
hi.i want a chimp. BUT they r really not a good "pet". do u want a needy baby for 4 years then be attacked when it gets older? if u REALLY love chimps, go to the zoo.
Kelby1220 12 yr ago x
I would like to adopt this monkey but can you tell me the price and what's it's name is it a boy or girl please email me back
hannahboo 12 yr ago x
I really need some information on how i can get a babygirl chimp and how much it is and were to purchase it at plz email me information thank you
hannah 12 yr ago x
Plz send me pics
zookeeper 12 yr ago x
scam scam scam
Brion 12 yr ago x
Hi i would love for you to send me a picture of a chimp and just give me some info on some of them thanks alot!!!
colt 12 yr ago x
Im very intrestead. Can u send me pics and info like chimp care and stuff like that thax
cory 12 yr ago x
Yes i would like 2 know were u are located and how much is your price range for a very young baby.
andrew 12 yr ago x
i want a monkey,how do i buy one from u? i have searched everywhere i could possibly think of then i came across your ad and i would really like to have one.please contact me as soon as u can please thank u.
maria.t. 12 yr ago x
i love chimpanzee's and would like to have more info on them
HIMBIE 12 yr ago x
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! would love to adopt chimp displayed for a new addition to our family and home 12 yr ago x
i am interested in buyimg a chimp male and female 2 thanks
Maria 12 yr ago x
Hello, my name is Maria. I live with my two children 10 and 7, I'm on SSI, I was a vet. assistant, But because I hurt my back picking up a Masiff dog, they can weigh up to 200lb. I couldn't work anymore. I'm home all day and it would be perfect for me to have a companion of this nature,He or she will be a part of the family, I miss taking care of animals, and it feels like a great big piece of my life is messing.
Lauren 12 yr ago x
I want to buy the baby chimpanzee, please contact me to my email and send some pictures to my email, I am aware of how dangerous it is to have a chimpanzee, but I could handle it, Please contact me as soon as possible please !!!
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