cute and adorable baby chimpanzee for sale

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hatestupidpeople 12 yr ago x
you should be arrested and all you people inquiring need your heads examined...chimps belong in the forest not in diapers in someone's living room. i'd love to know how you aquired baby killing their mothers?
matt 12 yr ago x
please send me pics and can u own a chimp in alabama
nae 12 yr ago x
can you own a cute baby chimp in pennsylvania?
gavin 12 yr ago x
please can u tell me how i go about buying a chimp off u thanks
jojo 12 yr ago x
I want some pictures and more information please
jenn 12 yr ago x
Can you own a Chimp in Tx? I would like more info and pics on these please. Thank you Jennifer!
Tiffany 12 yr ago x
Do you still have your baby chimp for adoption ?
What is the price and where are you located ?

DON'T DO IT PLEASE 12 yr ago x
Please folks, please please please

This is not a good idea. Chimpanzees are wild animals. Sure they are cute for the first few years but then what are you gonna do when they get too old for you to handle? when they get old enough to rip your arms and legs off?

Chimps are a critically endangered species. Once cultivated like this, they cannot be released back into the wild. What are you going to do when your chimp reaches full adult size? sell it to a research lab? lock it up in your basement? or send it back into the wild to die?

It's not worth it. For a real eye opener, please watch Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History. it's a documentary about chimps. If you are really considering buying a chimp then I highly suggest you watch this documentary Just so you are fully aware of what you're getting into.
Melanie Copeland 12 yr ago x
How do I contact you. I want a female baby chimp.
liv 12 yr ago x
please email me info on the chimps
Melanie Copeland 12 yr ago x
How can I get in touch with you. I am so hoping to get a baby chimpanzee.I was waiting since March to purchase one out of Chicago and now they will not return my calls or e-mails. Can someone please contact me.
Light of Truth 12 yr ago x
This entire board - both the ad and most of the responses - are complete bullshit.

The ad is fake: They're not selling $1500 chimps.

The responses are fake: Most of them are by individuals intent on running a sting on the people selling the chimp, with a nice sprinkling of PETA/hippies hoping to do the same. They are flooding with generic responses HOPING you pick them so they can bust your non-permitted ass.

Essentially, we have a Nigerian and some government investigators in one great big fake-ass circle jerk.

So that's the G-2. Get a room.
brittnkelly 12 yr ago x
I am very interested in buying a baby chimp. Please e-mail me with more information. Thank You
asrencich 12 yr ago x

I am very interested in buying a baby chimp. Please e-mail me with more information. Thank You
kriss 12 yr ago x
hello i am wondering where u are located? I am looking for a chimp so if u could message me back please
thank you
kriss M.
Lewis holmes 12 yr ago x
I am a 18 year old residing in Wilkes barre. I would like to purchase one of these chimps in the near future. Could I get more info on the cost behavior and any other things I would need to know bfore I make my full decision. Also I am very serious when it comes to decisions like this.
Anthony 12 yr ago x
Hi I'm extremely interested in your baby female chimpanzees. If you could email me with info about them and if there are any still available that would be great. Thanks.
Manny 12 yr ago x
You receive so many letters but I don't know if you can answer me . My first pet when I was 5 years old was a amazing monkey from south America (Caraya) and lived with me for 20 years...after them I had one more but was not the same...
I really love monkeys...please send me some information about your babies...
I live in Florida.....
ra7im 12 yr ago x
Hi, I am interested too in this adorable baby chimpanzee.Can you please email me providing info about them and including the price.If we can get in touch that will be great because i am ready to get them at any price.Thanks
char 12 yr ago x
could I have some pics of ur female chimps. Where are you located? I would prefer a young one. Thanks!
I am located in WI
checko 12 yr ago x
I'm very intrested in the baby chimpanzee's if you could email with more info i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
shevy 12 yr ago x
hi, i live in oklahoma and i was wanting to buy a chimp please email back for more info
big chew 12 yr ago x
i would all the info on the chinps
Sanctuary 12 yr ago x
For those of you who have done "research" are you aware that most pet-chimps are euthanized as they reach teenage and adult yrs? Thus is because their owners are no longer able to care for them and there is no place for chimps to go. The sanctuaries are full as well as zoos and how many of you can afford to send them to a sanctuary like Chimp Island, as well as the upkeep during the quarantine. So please, if you want to "adopt" a chimp find out about a sanctuary that will gladly use your donations to care for abandoned chimps. Your donations may also help the sanctuaries to grow making room for other abandoned chimps.
I don't have one 12 yr ago x
I would like to adopt/buy a FEMALE chimpanzee.
Please email the photos of her to me.
I would keep her for her entire life not throw her out like yesterdays garbage; I would never do that.
Just because I didn't give birth to her she'd still be my baby and just like a chimp, I have loving and/or painful recall of memories.
I have all the love in the world to give to her and isn't that how we all would have liked to have been raised?
My very best,

Cherie Chantal
Ryan  12 yr ago x
i would do anything for a chimp!! please send me more info and pics
Darian 12 yr ago x
i am interested in a female :)
Cheeze 12 yr ago x
hi, I want to love and give love to one of GOD's finest creatures. I want to buy a 12 week old Chimpanzee. Please take your time to consider me as one of mother nature's loving and caring human being. Thank You sincerely.....
Christopher 12 yr ago x
I am tired of everyone portraying chimpanzees to be evil and destructive animals wich is far from the truth, chimpanzees have tempers but what animal doesn't? Am i okay with living with a cannibal? Fish are cannibals too but they aren't evil are they?
kashif 12 yr ago x
i want to buy can u pls send me the pic and also their details
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