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Have you ever seen the aftermath of a Pit Bull attack. They have been known to do as much damage as a Chimp and even kill people but they are also some of the most defensive dogs you can get. They will defend their owners and they are some of the most loving dogs out there. I know, I have two. I also have a McCall, they have been known to remove fingers. It's all about the way they are trained. I know very little about Chimps and I will not get one as a pet but I am thinking about getting a monkey, maybe a marmoset or a spider monkey but I feel that in the right hands a chimp could be trained just like any other animal. I am real turned off about all the people saying don't get a monkey because they are intelligent. Dogs are intelligent, cats are intelligent, birds are intelligent but they can be trained so why not monkeys? I don't agree with capturing a baby in the wild for the same reason I don't agree with capturing a bird in the wild but domestically breed, why not? People are intelligent but I trained two kids.

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