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My aunt was married to an airline pilot who often flew international flights. Through friends, he was able to adopt a Margay kitten who's mother was killed by poachers for her fir. This cat was loved and handled all the time. As little kitty (tika) matured she grew more and more wild and we saw first hand why some cats do not make good pets. Lovely kitten / crazy adult cat, very strong and when they swat, they follow through and they can slice you like a loaf of bread in a split second. Also when they play with you they get excited and they pounce biting down on whatever they grab (your leg or your arm) and they wrap around with their front paws and then they shuck you with their hind claws like a corn husk and they rip skin right off of you. and they're just playing. You have to learn never to pull away, it makes it worse. You have to learn to hold still while the cat has you until kitty kitty decides to let you go. A margay gets bigger than a house cat. They're longer and a lot stronger. This is a wild animal. Very cute but a small leopard never the less! Go see an adult cat and spend some time getting to know one before you commit! Way NOT safe around children!

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