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I have an Savannah F-4 got him at 9mths. He is now just over 3yrs. He is a real treat. only in the pasted several mths has he started to mature and be affectionate. He was not socialized when I got him. Which required me to get another kitten to help socially, got her at the Pound. My Vet informed me she is an Abby Tabby. Now she is over 4yrs and overweight and does not care to play. Gunner my F-4 still wants to play (not happening with Sasha). So, depending on prices and your location I am curious about a Serval or Caracal Kitten. My F-4, I got here in southern Arizona a 4 hr drive from Peoria. Gunners photo attached. Thank You... [url=][img][/img][/url]

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