baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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Cecile 11 yr ago x
i am interested in your baby i hav been looking for a long time
Tracy Burns 11 yr ago x
I have a loving home to adopt a baby monkey I have 2 small dogs and two cats that love and welcome other babies into our home please contact me as soon as possible all my animals are rescues I have rescued horses and other animals in the past now I am looking for a baby monkey. please call or email
terry grant 11 yr ago x
cant have children so if some one who could help me adopt a baby monkey it would make me happiest woman alive....
vanesss 11 yr ago x
I live near Gainesville Florida! I would love to adopt a cue little monkey! All of your monkeys ate adorable! Please contact me if your close! Don't want to cause the little one tomuch stress. thank u:)
vanessa 11 yr ago x
I lie near Gainesville Florida! I would love to adopt a cute little monkey they are adorable! Please contact me if You are close to me! Don't want to cause the little one any stress !!
Morgan 11 yr ago x
I am very interested in buying a capuchin monkey. If you have one ready for sale, please let me know ASAP! thanks, and please include clothes or toys and health papers. thanks.
Jellis1471 11 yr ago x
Looking to adopt a pair of Capuchin Monkies! Not sure where to find them outside of a mass breeder which I do not want!
shelly 11 yr ago x
Looking for a finger monkey our two to adopt,love animals,all animals i own are fosters,volunteer on animal rescue,huge home kids and a big heart,please help me give a new addition to this family
kit 11 yr ago x
looking for capuchin monkeys for sale in italy
Patricia 11 yr ago x
I am looking for a free adoption of a small monkey I have 2kids ages 13yrs and 14yrs old Please get back to me any time
Patricia 11 yr ago x
i am looking for a free adoption of 1or 2 small monkeys in the USA. I have 2 children @home (ages 13yrs and 14yrs) and a dog and a cat. If you have any information please feel free to contact me any time Just put monkeys for adoption in the subject line thank you so very much for your time.
Carsonsnana 11 yr ago x
I am lolling for a free therapy monkey to help my mildly development delayed grandson. His birthday is march 15th and this is what he wants. We are a loving caring home that would care for it like our baby child.
We live in Oklahoma and need ASAP. No scammers please this is very important to a special little living man.
sarie66 11 yr ago x
we are very intrested in buying a BABY FINGER MONKEY and if anyone has one please contact us immediatly and please include toys clothes and any papers if owned
brandon 11 yr ago x
i am looking for a baby spider monkey or any kind of monkey that wont get bigger than about 3 foot for free adoption
brandon 11 yr ago x
email me about any monkeys for adoption
cheryl 11 yr ago x
i would like to have a monkey my kids are growed up and i just want something to babby if any one has one they would like to give me i would like to have it i dont have lot of cash but i would give it lots of love , time and a good home .
Monkey-Girlz 11 yr ago x
mono capuchino, do you still have your finger monkey(monkies)? If so, how much are you selling them for. We want atleast one or two for a pet. What is your cheapest price? We are wanting pets and this is the pet we agreed on.
Monkey-Girlz 11 yr ago x
cecile, if you still have those 2, plz let us know. We want pets badly. But we need the cheapest and highest price, then we could agree on something, maybe.
Alan 11 yr ago x
Where can find a working monkey the take bills from people and tip the hat to say thank you. I know there is a monkey farm i south florida but cant find the number.
Joy 11 yr ago x
I am interested in adopting or buying two finger moneys. My question is whether they can go to the bathroom in a cat litter box?
Paloma 11 yr ago x
I am very interested in adopting a baby monkey. I am at home all the time, and guarantee you it will be treated like a real baby. i have a tenency of spoiling all my past pets. It will not need anything and will have lots of love and special care. Please send me info. on the procedure, and what I would need to start adoption procedures. I want to do this asap. Thank you very much. Paloma.
ty 11 yr ago x
guys help me I really want/ need a baby monkey my dad will give me it as long as it is free I can tell he wants one to and we will love and take care of it we have 1 dog and she is fat and lazy her name is sunshine I love her 2 death and I need something that I will have when sunshine is gone because she is really old plz contact me
Jeffrey 11 yr ago x
In search of monkey to adopt reasonably priced would love to have one my daughter would surely she has about 20 stuffed animals that are monkeys just email me thanks
mikey  11 yr ago x
I just would like to receive a free capuchin monkey from a private home owner
beryl 11 yr ago x
hey mikey,
what type is your monkey?
how fare away is the monkey from wherever you live to Australia nsw
emmy bradley 11 yr ago x
how much are they
ken 11 yr ago x
i rilly want a monkey seens i was 3
aidan 11 yr ago x
I have always wanted a monkey and is it possible to get it shipped to my house thank you
Martin 11 yr ago x
im interested in a capuchin monkey for my son & I as a pet is there any of these monkeys still available ? as close to Pa-U.S.A as possible please let me know thx martin
Mike  11 yr ago x
I would like to talk to you about monkeys. Please get back to me
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