baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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Naomi 11 yr ago x
Please contact me with more info and pics of the baby girl capuchins, i am very interested..
:) thanks so much Naomi
joe 11 yr ago x
would like to have been looking for a long tine to find one will give it a good home with a lot of love
joe 11 yr ago x
we have been looking for along time to find one will give it a loving good home
jamie 11 yr ago x
Looking to adopt a capuchin for my dad. Will pay courier COD (cash on delivery). Please call if there are any available
bonnie 11 yr ago x
hi my name is Bonnie ive been trying to find a adorble fun and nice little monkey for a while now. i would spoil her and spend so much time with her as i could. im very intested please e-mail me :)
Brianna 11 yr ago x
how do i adopt one of these monkeys/
nikki 11 yr ago x
cameroon scammers are everywhere be carefull who you deal with they have you send money and a day lter they tell u to pay more fees and u never get the monkey so look out for company called silverpetmovers and a seller named lovelinetracy they are fake dirty scammers
amy 11 yr ago x
i am very interested in adopting a monkey i have 3 teenage boys and we just bought a house i would luv to add a new addition to our family and so would my boys plz call me *** ty cant wait to hear from u
Megan C 11 yr ago x
Hi! I am very interested in adopting a pet monkey they all look so adorable! I cant't wait to find the perfect one for me and spoil it! Please email me!

Thank You!
jessiclay96 11 yr ago x
I am looking for a baby capuchin monkey and live in Ohio. Please email me at ***

Thanks :)
kyle chrisley 11 yr ago x
i would love to have a capuchin monkey if anyone is interested on letting me adopt one just let me know and email me please ***
Amy 11 yr ago x
we would like more information on Bella
We can give her a nice loving home We have 2 children age 8 and 13 and 2 Pet dogs Please call us at ***
Thank you so much
Hope to here from you soon
Tito, Amy, Bianca and Jasmyn
Justin 11 yr ago x
I would love for someone to email me about free monkeys or possibly really cheap ones!! Im a great owner and would love one!! Plz message me *** If you have to call ***. Thank you :)
Vanessa 11 yr ago x
I would really like Victoria she's so cute! I you you could contact me that'd be great!
amber and dustin smith 11 yr ago x
we are seeking to adopt a monkey into our loving family. please contact us as soon as possible!
jessiclay96 11 yr ago x
I am looking for a whiteface baby cappuchin, as young as possable.Female. Please email me pictures as well as information on the parents. I would also know what is entaled in shipping
eset 11 yr ago x
yes i would to take care of your monkey, i just lost my son and i need to have a money to love debbie
Luke 11 yr ago x
My name is Luke and i love capachin monkeys. if anyone has a capuchin fof free reach me at ***
chase andrade 11 yr ago x
i want to adopt a baby white faced capuchin...i would love to have another one ...i was very sad when mine got stolen or was playing out back in the yard and is now gone... however i already have the license in florida to have one and would love to have another one soon please contact me back cell is *** my house is ***...CALL ANYTIME...AND SOON PLEASE...THANK YOU
acalz666 11 yr ago x
im looking to adopt a nice little monkey .i wanted one for so long and i cant seem to get one . i would spoil it rotten . can someone please help me get one . thank you very much alexis calzat
tom 11 yr ago x
i am looking for a babby capuchin to adopt. i am an aminal lover and have a tourtise rescue. she would have a good home and be well taken care of. any payment for shiping will be paid to air lines apon recieveing delivery.thank you please respond by e mail or phone ***
Sabastian 11 yr ago x
i would love to get a little monkey friend. id take him everywhere. how can i get one?
SCAMBAITER 11 yr ago x
ashley 11 yr ago x
We are currently looking for a loving and forever home for our adorable and playful capuchin monkey,she iss vaccinated,vet check,and is current on all shots.she is bottle fed,house broken and will make a great pet in your family.if you need her,please contact us for more information and pics
Kendall 11 yr ago x
I was wondering if claria is for sale and do you live near Arkansas?
annalise 11 yr ago x
email me ***
lakin 11 yr ago x
I'm interested in buying the monkey. i've got cash,how much does it cost? Email me back with ur # asap if u still have them for sale or know anyone with some
Careful 11 yr ago x
You should be very very careful when looking at "free" monkeys. Google the word capuchin monkey and if the photo has been in an ad it's probably a scam. If you email them and they immediately want your shipping information before they know you, it's a scam. If they claim to live in Cameroon working for a program that you can't find online it's a scam. Ask for specific things, such as pictures of them in their cage. If they EVER say puppy instead of monkey stop talking to them right then. I've had many people try to scam me and it shouldn't happen to you either.
Jess79 11 yr ago x
Hello I'am interested in a female baby capuchin preferably under 20 weeks..have alot of time in my hands and am willing to spoil her and give her all the love and attention she needs, since I dont have a fam of my own...please email me and send me some info in how I can adopt one of your beautiful babies..Thank You!!....U.S.A TX
catt 11 yr ago x
think they are very cuite my best freind mom had one and they loved her like she was there own child we called her her baby sister my youngest is in her 40s and cant have childern she works with handy capped childern she would make a great mother for a little monkey boy or girl and i would be happy to be its grandma as i only have one grandson now we talked about it and i real want to see her happy and not so sad becouse she cant be a mom i know they are a lot of work but all babys are
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