baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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trish  12 yr ago x
someone please contact me i dont know how to do this but i would love to adopt a monkey in need of a loving home
contact me
moms 12 yr ago x
i am a lady 67 looking 4 an manmoset that i can get free i live on ssi
Haley 12 yr ago x
Hello, My name is haley I'm 16 and I have always wanted a monkey I live in a small town not very much to do and I figured a monkey could keep me very entertained My grandmother which is who I Live with has finally agreed to let me get one so if yall could please contact about these beautiful creatures I would Thank you sooo much!!!!(:
jeff 12 yr ago x
hi im looking to adopt a capuchin monkey for no fee or very reasonable i have a farm and 2 boys where we could provide ample care
jarod 12 yr ago x
i really wont to adopt 1
jarod 12 yr ago x
i really wont to adopt 1 I WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT
kiana mcintyre 12 yr ago x
yes I would like for you to contact me with more information on these baby monkeys, I love these baby monkeys, and would like to have one to call my own.
Wendy 12 yr ago x
I would love more info on adopting a baby capuchin. I studied primatology and have wanted a monkey for almost 50 years. (I'm 55)
I adopt for life and can provide a loving and stimulating home.
Please contact me with info.

Than you,
Amy 12 yr ago x
hey, im looking for a capachin monkey for a senior graduation gift. You have any girls contact me by e-mail. ***
thanks, Amy
yenifer 12 yr ago x
hello there i would like to know more info on the baby monkeys...well my family and my mom best friend family are both looking for a male baby monkeys we are looking for two monkeys to love n care for...i would like to know more...pls email me... as soon as you can i really would love to have one of thses loving monkeys...i would give them a loving home...everyone in my home can't wait to have one home...
thank you and hope to hear from you..
dede 12 yr ago x
i'm looking for a baby capuchin plz if u know of any one let no. thank u
south carolina 12 yr ago x
Looking for a 300 to 350 dollar monkey I've been looking everywhere but got all scams please if u have one let me know close to sc
hsheinfhd 12 yr ago x
Ok look honestly we sent money to Cameroon for a baby capuchin monkey and we got her with days not all Cameroon people a scammers there is a lot out there so just be careful . And yes if the monkey have its health papers they will let it come in to the us . It's not very hard
Tiff24 12 yr ago x
Hello my name is Tiffany I'm from west Virginia and we are looking for a baby monkey how would I goer one
Brandy 12 yr ago x
I am very interested in velma cecile or edwardd please contact me asap
bre... 12 yr ago x
Do not buy from here they r all scammers do not buy anything from Cameroon ! U will just lose your money
bre. 12 yr ago x
I sent money over there for velma and never got her ! Don't send them any money
maranda 12 yr ago x
tiffany i was wondering how much are you marmoset monkeys and edwardd im lookin also for a capuchin monkey
tara 12 yr ago x
if you could i would love you adopted a monkey of anykind for cheap. i have been wanting a really monkey of my own to love and care for and make my best friend. and if you make with happen for me then you just made a girls dream come true. :)
love tara
please contact me with information about a monkey of any kind at ***
thank you so much. xD
Wendy 12 yr ago x
I really, really, really want to adopt a Capuchin baby. I have for over 40 yrs. Someone, and I won't mention names, set me up for a scam. After paying $310 for shipping, I was then told it was going to cost another $1500 for vaccines and a travel cage. Then it was $1200, then $800 and finally $200. Supposedly the shipper paid the difference. Give me a break!! I didn't just fall of the turnip truck.
Anyway, would somebody reputable please adopt me a baby. I've cried many tears over this.

Thank you,
helly 12 yr ago x
i wanted to know how much it would be to adopt a baby monkey please email me
helly 12 yr ago x
i wanted to know how much it would be to adopt a baby monkey please email me
Christina taffur 12 yr ago x
my names Christina Taffur
im looking for a monkey for sale for a good price. im very responsible and i will provide a GREAT home! I can provide my monkey with lots of attention if you could give me a call, that would be AWSOME! please and thank you!
Wendy 12 yr ago x
I've been scammed! First it was $310 for shipping and then they needed $1500 for vaccines and a ventilated crate for shipping. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. Then they say that the owner has paid most of it and all they need is $200. I'm a sucker. I sent it and then it was another $800 or she would have to go to quarantine for six months. They say I'll get my money back when she is delivered. Then why do they need the money in the first place?
I'm calling Interpol and whoever else I can. I'm out of money and I still don't have my monkey that I have been wanting for 45 years. Is there a legit. person out there who just wants to adopt out a monkey to a very loving home? This has really been great for my anxiety attacks.
mollie 12 yr ago x
I've always wanted a monkey but my mom says that they are expensive and hard to take care of.It would be nice if there was a cute baby monkey who is free,trained to go to the bathroom[not on the floor]and love to play and will let you hold it and won't run off. My mom said when i become a singer i can get one but i can't wait!!!!Please comment or email me if you have a [free] monkey who is all of the above.Thankyou
MOLLIE 12 yr ago x
And read above.I would preferably want a monkey who eats healthy has all his or her shots and has all medical work and papers done .Also no disease or problems
MOLLIE 12 yr ago x
Sorry guys how do i delete all the things i said on here never mind i'll wait till i become a singer.Just remember mollie mcgee.
bee 12 yr ago x
Would love to adopt a monkey..have all the the world
ashley 12 yr ago x
Looking for a capuchin monkey for a very very long time! I live by myself and would love to have some comoany, Im 24 and love allllll animals! Plz contact me through email. Thanks!
Max 12 yr ago x
Looking to ADOPT a monkey, any kind, mainly looking for squirrel or capuchin, but will take spider/marmoset. Thank you!
Please email me if you have one!
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