baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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tracy armstrong 13 yr ago x
How much is your monkey babies.
Idiots!!! 13 yr ago x
They tear these baby monkeys away from their mother so you cunts can buy them. The heart broken mother suffers loss in a similar way that humans do, since they baby is supposed to stay with her till it is around 3 or 4. The baby will pine for it's mother and mother for baby. Just think about what you're doing people, these are not cats or dogs.
Wayne 13 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a capuchin monkey. Ive wanted one since a little boy.
Please let me know if any become available asap.
michele 13 yr ago x
Hi I'm interested in monkey please call Michele
Jessica 13 yr ago x
Hi my name is Jessica i would love to adopt a monkey it does not matter boy or girl i have a dog named Gman who is right at a year old and a little girl named Amya she is 4 i live in st.louis mo and am willing to drive a little ways we can discuss at a latter time please contact me im ready for another little one..... ASAP
david 12 yr ago x
i want a monkey i love them and now i want to get one doy or girl dosnt matter i have a dog dut he is getting old i dont have much money and i live in ontario
Gracie 12 yr ago x
I'm disabled and I have to stay at home and I was woundering how I would go about getting a Capuchin, I have a lot of time to give to one and would like to know about getting a little girl.
mark 12 yr ago x
I am a father of 4 and we who are all older (not small kids)would love to have a capuchin monkey. If you could please send me a response of how we could I would greatly apreciate it. It would be greatly loved and cared for.
Sophie 12 yr ago x
My name is Sophie and I desire so much to have a little female capuchin. I live with three other roommates and we have company over a good bit. Needless to say, the little would would be spoiled incessantly. If you are looking to rehome your baby, please, let me know.
briannaw18 12 yr ago x
johnson reeds i am very interested in buying a beautiful baby monkey for you it would make a awesome birthday present.please contact me as soon as possible.
lucky88220 12 yr ago x
I'm so interested in adoption Me and my daughter wants a sister and a brother so email me on how to go about adopting Just love all my children i know there animals but here in my home they are our kids
imanidiot 12 yr ago x
Do not attempt to buy these monkeys!! I was scammed by one of these ads. Camaroon is the worst.. I lost over 1400.00 for a "free" adoption ,, just pay shipping, permits etc
dolly dumb 12 yr ago x
These people willstring you along telling you about delays at the airport or sickness while on route to get you to send more money via western union. they copy real airline letterheads and official ministry documents. they are all scams
heather 12 yr ago x
i am looking for a baby capuchin monkey i live in indiana i am willing to pick the baby up no shipping, i would love to here from a breeder thank you
nicole  12 yr ago x
I have always wanted a monkey and I live in Miami and I really want one so let me know asap
Kathryn Koseck 12 yr ago x
How do I get ahold of the pepole giving away the monkeys
Donna 12 yr ago x
very interested in adpoting a monkey. please email me with some more info on where they are coming from and what it will cost for adoption.
ana ramirez 12 yr ago x
i would love to have a monkey please contact me
ana ramirez 12 yr ago x
i would love to have a monkey please contact me
ali 12 yr ago x
I am not trying to sound mean i am only trying to help. Most of what you find online when it comes to monkeys are scams a real monkey owner would not ship young monkeys on their own and would expect you to pick them up. Also adopting a monkey is like having a two year old all the time they arent pets they have to have somebody home with them all the time and they live for a very long time. Expenses are higher for a monkey than a baby you cant just get a cage and be done they require alot of work do your research. They are capable of every emotion we are so do not get a baby and wait til they are a few years old and sell them they will feel abandoned by the only parents they knew. please make sure you are ready. and if you dont want to be scammed there is a place in texas that you go there pay them and take your monkey home the same day. try a monkey farm. do not buy from these people
trish  12 yr ago x
i would love to have your mokey but i dont understand how to contact you
Derek Allen 12 yr ago x
I really want a capuchin and cant find any at a reasonable price, i would be really intrested in adopting a baby capuchin
mindy mcconnell-nutt 12 yr ago x
I am very interested in a capuchin monkey.I have sent money three times and got ripped off and they were all from cameroon.If there is anyone out there that has one available please contact me.
mindy mcconnell-nutt 12 yr ago x
If you know of anyone that lives in ontario that is selling capuchin's please e-mail me thanks
Turtle 12 yr ago x
I would love to have a baby monkey please tell me how I can get a baby monkey like in the pics please thank you
Troy 12 yr ago x
im intrested in eset i already have 2 primates and would love to add an addition to our family if you still need a home for her
Jojo 12 yr ago x
Edward do you still have the babie ?

I have wanted a baby monkey since iwas 5 years old , and I wanted to get more info about your babies .

Please and thankyou
Roger 12 yr ago x
I am interested in a capuchin monkey. Can you send me more details please.

andrea & nick ingram 12 yr ago x
im very interested in Velma's capuchin monkeys ; we are very experienced with exotic pets , especially capuchins ... please contact me for more info .. we would love to have a new member of the family !
Cele 12 yr ago x
I want one!!!!! Plz send meh info!!!!
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