baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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Dalen 12 yr ago x
Please contact me about a cheap monkey for sale.
MaryAnne 12 yr ago x
Please contact me about a cheap or adoptive monkey. I don't have money, but I do have a lot of time & love.
Sarah 12 yr ago x
Hello.. My name is Amanda Smith. I am looking for a capuchin monkey that i can take care of and give it lots of'love. I've done a research about them for 2 years plus. Never had one. I am located england. I only will have the monkey/ cash on delivery. As being scammed three times in a row. Let me know asap.
ali 12 yr ago x
hi ive been researching capuchins for a long time i am16 but live with a whole family who would love the little darling i am responsible since ive cared for young kids most my life i am lookiing for a monkey for cheap but i wud love him/her with all my heart
tracy warner 12 yr ago x
very interested in baby monkey please email prices thanks=)
Tiffany 12 yr ago x
very interested in a Capuchin monkey. please email me. thanks and look forward to hearing from someone.
jerrica 12 yr ago x
Hi, i'm Jerrica, i live in Chickasha Oklahoma. I would love to adopt this cute cuddly animal because I know i could give it all the love and nurture it needs, i can provide a safe home and environment for it as needed.

Sincerely, Jerrica.
gaby 12 yr ago x
do you guys do cash on delivery?
& how much for a female capuchin monkey?
sarah 12 yr ago x
Hello, We are giving our Cute baby Capuchin Monkey For Adoption to any pet loving and caring family no matter where ever they might be. Our Baby Monkey is house raised baby Capuchin monkey that is diaper trained, leash trained , wears clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you. Please contact for more information about on this baby monkey. She is vaccinated, obedient, intelligent, acrobatic, very healthy and loves the company of children and other pets. Reply for more information at ***

edit admin: only full contact details or a website with full details are allowed.
kmbm 12 yr ago x
me and my best friend have been looking for monkeys that are trained well. trained well enough so it does not throw poop anywhere, and that does not mess up furniture. we also do not want it to shed. we want it to be young and will stay small. we can't not take care of a big monkey. we would like it to stay small its whole life, we have allergies so we would also need one that doesn't cause a lot of allergies or is ok with allergies. how can we contact you to learn more about this program. thanks
ali 12 yr ago x
Dont do it!!!it is a scam you cant even get one from cameroon!! look it up they will scam you too if they say they are from cameroon....scam! i am trying to help you now there is no such thing as a free monkey they will keep wanting more money only you wont get a monkey!
TERE 12 yr ago x
Please don't send them money, i was scammed 2 times from people in cameroon, save your money and buy a baby from a licensced breeder here in the usa. It's illegal to bring them in from other countries, there are very strict guidelines.
joci 12 yr ago x
please contact me. i want one!
Katie Kelley 12 yr ago x
Hi I am very interested in your baby monkeys so please email me back ASAP!
James 12 yr ago x
Hi I'm looking to raise a Capuchin monkey and to take care of one, I may be a specialist on monkeys and i would love to train one. If you live in the USA please call me if there is any possibility of me getting one. Thank You!
cody 12 yr ago x
i have been looking for a nice cheap monkey, i live in a good loving enviornment...
ivette 12 yr ago x
baby bella

I would like to know if you still have Bella, I will treat her with lot of love, kindness and she will the princess of my house. I have always wanted a monkey pet. Am hoping you still have Bella.
ivette 12 yr ago x
I have send am email about Bella, please reply back ASAP, also send me more information to adopt Bella. Thank You so much.
Nat 12 yr ago x
travis 12 yr ago x
How much do I have to pay for a capuchin, male or female.
nikki 12 yr ago x
i have been looking for a monkey for a while if anyone still has contact me
Harrio 12 yr ago x
Having trouble getting a new pet please text for more.two capuchin lovers willing to part with their babies as soon as possible.
Harrio  12 yr ago x
Having trouble getting a new pet please text for more.two capuchin lovers willing to part with their babies as soon as possible.
Cantrell 12 yr ago x
I have always wondered how much one of these monkeys would cost?
Please Contact Back
ali 12 yr ago x
my name is alishia and i live in sumner illlinois. I am very interested in adoptimg your monkeys. I have been raised around many different types and know how to care for them. In adopting them they wouldnt be pets but part of my family. If possible i would like to pick them up due to being scammed ao many times and if that isnt possible i would like to receive them before sending any money i hope you understand. please get back to me thank you.
JJ 12 yr ago x
this is for johnson reeds and i want to see more info so please email me
djcroswait18 12 yr ago x
Pvt. Croswait "u.s. Army" and I'm lookin for a baby monk. I was looking at one today and got false hope as the guy was a scam. If you have one please email me at *** or text me at *** thanks and god bless
Jamie 12 yr ago x
Hello, this message is for anyone who has baby capuchin monkeys for adoption or sale in the USA. Johnson Reeds: Do you still have any avaiable?? Thank you.
Abby Owens 12 yr ago x
My husband and I cannot have children of our own and I would love to raise a baby capuchin. We are looking to adopt a baby but we have to be married for three years where we live and we have only been married for a year and a half. Please reply back by email.
Rach 12 yr ago x
People, be smart. DO NOT pay for a monkey from Cameroon. They are ALL scams. Before buying anything from there, google capuchin monkey scam.
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