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yvette 13 yr ago x
Hi , my name is yvette and ive been wanting a monkey for the longest now ! I live in Phoenix az and willinq to go as far as i need to get my monkey please send me some info on pets for sale or adoption ....Either or ?
cybersax18 13 yr ago x
Email me. I'd love to own one! I love animals, and have always wanted to own a primate of some kind. Thx!
Jesse 13 yr ago x
I've always dreamed of eventually owning a primate. I own a 60 acre farm, so, I'm sure there'd be lots here for a monkey to get into! I've always been an animal lover. We have all kinds of animals, live in the country, so I'm sure it'd be a wonderful environment! Jesse
lil jesse 13 yr ago x
i would love to adopt a baby monkey when you have 1 avail.please notify me rite away me n my daughters are in joshua tree ca, out by palm springs thnk you.
alley 13 yr ago x
Really wanting a monkey...I am a very caring and loving person...Love kids..If you could please get back with me on this..Thanks..
Sal 13 yr ago x
Most of my family is dead. I'm alone depressed and need to give and recieve love. Please help me bring a smile to my face, and myself and the minkey fan have a full happy life. Please get back to me, thank you.
vettechb 13 yr ago x
i am inquring on adopting a monkey. i will give it a loving home. i have been a vet tech for 6 years so, i feel that i am a very qualified canidate to raise a monkey. i currently live in the country and i own 5 acres of land. the only problem i forsee is having enough money for the expensive adoption fees. although I do have the money to properly raise one. I am also looking to adopt one from somewhere close to ohio, because that is where I live. Please contact me if you are trying to find your monkey a good home. Thanks.
Joshua Hunt 13 yr ago x
I would like to adopt a pet monkey because i have always wanted one if you have any info please contact me
eset 13 yr ago x
i will like to see if you r willing to call me becuse i will like to no more about the monkey jackie hope to here form you soon
caitlin swain 13 yr ago x
Hello, this is an urgent request as we have gotten our hopes up before and almost got scammed. Btw TRUST NOTHING FROM CAMAROON OR ANYTHING ASKING YOU TO WESTERN UNION. the family we were going to help rehome was nothing but a scam artist. I am disabled I have a service dog who we have retired due to hip displaysia. She had been around my friends monkeys & thinks they're kids. We are searching for a capuchin to train to be a service animal. As I am disabled I cannot afford a tremendous cost to purchase the monkey or realistically that would take from the funds I ha e saved to care for the monkey. Im well aware of what im getting into so no advice please. I am specialized in animal nutrition behavior & training. My freedom has been limited without my service dog. Monkeys need loads of time & attention that not too many people really have to give, I do. Please someone help me find a legitimate monkey for adoption / rehome so my life can again be complete. Thanks caitlin.
Jeremy 13 yr ago x
We are looking for two baby capuchin spider monkeys. Preferably an unrelated pair (male and female). We live in Alamogordo, New Mexico. We have experience with exotic animals and would love to add a couple of capuchins to our family!
amanda. 13 yr ago x
can you email me more info. i want a pet monkey that is small and will stay small..and is potty trained.
sarah 13 yr ago x
I really want a monkey.Cash on Delivery.
I will take proper care of it.. Really want one. Thanks!
Let me know soon as possible.
AMCR 13 yr ago x
****All these are SCAMS!****** Monkeys CANNOT be shipped in or out of the US!!!! DO NOT send money before seeing the animal!!!! These scams are going bad on the onternet. Many people are losing money!! Please visit these websites before attempting to adopt a FREE capuchin.
by claire 13 yr ago x
I am very interested in the two little babies you have. If you still have them will you let me know. I am a stay at home and would love to have someone to love and care for.
Sophie 13 yr ago x
i love your baby capuchin... i am interested in adopting. Can u please explain the process to me? Also, is your capuchin monkey trained?
dav 13 yr ago x
Do u still have the two baby capuchin monkeys I am 25 an I love monkeys since i knew and read about them.I had two when I was 13 they where borther an sister.

mason 13 yr ago x
Hi my name is mason and i was interested in adopting LOLA and MOLLY. I havnt talked to my parents yet but ive been wanting a capuchin monkey half my life. Im 12 so for about six years. any way contact me if you can...Thanks
Jeannie 13 yr ago x
I want to know if I want to pay something... I have 44 years and I always want a little monkey
sophia 13 yr ago x
hi im looking for a baby girl monkey.
shandy 13 yr ago x
It makes me so angry to see people rob innocent people. These people should be stopped + the monkey taken away from them, pls check the pic carefully its the same monkey the same lady s hand + they say they from all different places, we have to STOP THEM.

 13 yr ago x
****THIS IS A SCAM****
Joy 13 yr ago x
My husband and I are interrested in adopting a baby capuchin monkey. I saw one add that said NM. If there is someone who still has one of the monkeys available please email us with additional information as we can provide a good home. We are also able to go see them if you are located in NM, Thanks.

sarah 13 yr ago x
Looking for a capuchin monkey
Margo 13 yr ago x
Wanting to adopt a capuchin monkey,male or female.My husband and I lost our son five months ago ,he was still born and now I am not able to have any more children we so want to give one of these little fellas a good loving christian home.We would love and spoil him or her like theres no tomarrow.Pay on delivery.Thanks a bunch and God bless!!!
Ruby 13 yr ago x
Hi, i am looking into adopting a female capuchin monkey!!! Please let me know how much it will cost. Thanks so much :)
adriansalazar_12 13 yr ago x
Good afternnon,
I am very interested in adopting a female Capuchin. I am looking to adopt and have for my new home in Californina with my Fiance who recently returned home from Kuwait. I am Currently in Afghanistan and would love to have a wonderful new addition to our small family, to keep my Fiance company while I am away.
tonya 13 yr ago x
my son is 7 yrs old. our family dog just recently died. we watched a program on nat geo about monkeys a couple weeks ago. he has been asking several times every day since then if he could have a monkey. so could u please email me some prices and info on what u have. thank you
chantelle 13 yr ago x
hi iv always wonted a monkey im 24 of age i will bring her up and give her the love that she needs im intrested in bella i have a son he wil love her my son s name is connor hes 2 of age. thanks if u have still got eny monkeys willing to give to a loveing home im willing to love this money as my own daughter please contact me with thanks chantelle garland xx
Susan Kim 13 yr ago x
Hi, can you please let me know how i can get a monkey?
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