baby capuchin monkey for free adoption and for sale

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louise 15 yr ago x
stephanie 15 yr ago x
hi my name is stephanie.If I didnt realy want a monkey for a baby I wouldnt be trying to get up with you.Can I see more pi of babbies?Are they still for sale?I worked for an exotic vet here in LaGrange nc for 8yrs.I loved it.I got remarried and moved togoldsbor please email back
tammy 15 yr ago x
i love the pic beautiful i am interested in adding a new addition to our family we are true hearted pet lovers can you call with more info 443-864-8391
rhonda 14 yr ago x
Hi :) I am very interested in your capuchin monkey she looks so sweet I would love to spoil her. Please let me know if you still have her and where you are located. Thank you and hope to hear a reply soon.
kayla 14 yr ago x
hi i am willing to take both monkeys off your hands because my mothers dog died he was like a brother to us and we dont want no more dogs and we would love to have the monkeys because they are like babys she cant have any more

are number is:*** thats are house

cell phone is:***

my moms name is dawn and mine is kayla
kayla 14 yr ago x
were do u live
Bobbie Wright 14 yr ago x
My name is Bobbie and I have been searching for a baby girl to love for a while now I saw your add in the classifieds... I dont know if you still have her or where you are located but I am willing to travel anywhere in US or Mexico to pick her up... Please contact me with information my phone number is *** or send email but phone call would be quicker. I really hope to here from you soon thanks....
Claudia 14 yr ago x
Hi my name is Claudia and I am interested in the monkeys you have for adoption....I live in St. Louis MO, I am a single 27 year old young woman with no children and would love to have someone to can contact me by phone *** ...Or by email..Thanks!
Cameron 14 yr ago x
I am interested too..
Stephanie Olsen 14 yr ago x

My name is Stephanie Olsen... and I am very interested in adopting baby capuchin! I will give her a great home and take great care of her!
Stephanie Olsen 14 yr ago x

My name is Stephanie Olsen...and I am very interested in the adoption of the baby capuchin!

please contact me back!

Stephanie Olsen 14 yr ago x
My name is Stephanie Olsen...and i am very interested in loving and caring for the baby capuchin monkey...

please contact me back...

martine 14 yr ago x
do you still have the babies for adoption.
stacey 14 yr ago x
can i have two of them seriously i will take very good care of them
clara 14 yr ago x
Hi, Hi I'm clara and I'm interested in adopting your monkey I'm just wondering how much are you asking for? I have a good home its nice for animals that love to play and there isn't much it can get into.
Please email me back if you want more info!
Pastor T 14 yr ago x
I live in indiana with my husband, 16 year old twin boys, and my grandson. We would love to adopt a baby girl and are willing to travel as far as 150 miles maybe more to pick her up. I had a rhesus macaque a few years ago, but he died of cancer, and i'm ready for a new addition. I also have a pug, 2 cats and a ferrett. Please contact me if you would like to talk and make arraingements.The baby will have more love and care then she will know what to do with. And yes, i am a pastor.
marcustenny 13 yr ago x
this is a scam your pics are are on on multiple adds with diffrent stories on them
kristle 13 yr ago x
i have always wanted a monkey if you r looking for a grate home for your baby i am very interested please contact me
gabrielle 13 yr ago x
bonjours mon nom est gabrielle je rechercher un singe depuit longtemps jais enormement de la misaire a en trouver un dans les environ de montreal que je puisse aller le chercher et faire mon propre choix il a beaucoup de fraude alors je ne veut pas risquer cela si vous avez un singe a vendre femelle de preference contacter moi au merci
Sean 13 yr ago x
Hi my wife really wants a capuchin monkey that is her favorite monkey and she would really take good care of it i would like to get her one for christmas but i need to know what ineed to do to adopt one i would greatly apppreciate it
matt 13 yr ago x
we want a monkey can you send us 1
RolandD4293 13 yr ago x
I live in Texas, and I'm familiar with the care of Monkey since I grow with a spider monkey from Guatemala. In my home we are two adults and 3 children's being the youngest a 16 Yrs old. (Very responsible)
The only way we have lost a pet was because got to old, or a sickens that our vets could not cure. Pictures of home and family Diaz
chema 13 yr ago x
im chema im willing to by a monkey or for free i love monkeys and there my favroite animals
chema 13 yr ago x
eset could u tell me or call me how much does it calst cheap and does it have its papers
Brenda 13 yr ago x
I am in my 24 hour of a adopt a monkey scam i am looking again i feel i was robed not of money but my little girl. Looking in mohave county, arizona / laughlin nevada. CASH ON DELIVERY ONLY.
Re home your female monkey i am ready for her to come home i am having a hard time dealing with my loss need help. hillbillymama at live dot com
Brooke Van 13 yr ago x
please let me know if its still possible to adopt a capuchin monkey! email me please.
hothero 13 yr ago x
Hey Velma
can you email me or something i might be wanting to buy her or adopt her
geter 13 yr ago x
Do you still have monkey for adoption very interested
gabrielle 13 yr ago x
je voulais savoir combien sa coute si il faut un permi une copie de votres certificat de competence ... je voulais savoir si vous conaisser quel quin qui en a dans les alentoure de montreal ses mon reve alors jespert que c possible de le realiser
Tammy 13 yr ago x
Very interested in your babies.I'm in Louisiana if you're not too far I would be willing to drive to get them
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