sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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shirley 13 yr ago x
any more ready ???couldnt ask 4 a better owner
logan 13 yr ago x
Do u like your spider monkey
jj 13 yr ago x
Email me a pic and how much for one..... I'm 16 and I love animals.... it'll go to a good home :)
Josh bradley 13 yr ago x
I would like a black spyder monkey. Please contact me with info. Thank you
mary k 13 yr ago x
hello i really like the the spider monkey and would love to adopt one but dont want to be ties ed by the email
marcus 13 yr ago x
I am really interested in getting a monkey I have been since I was young if you could please contact me with more info about adopting I would greatly appreciate it.
logan 13 yr ago x
sharia how much is lily. I don't have a monkey. And I really want lily
Caitlin 13 yr ago x
are u still selling
ali 13 yr ago x
my name is alishia and i live in sumner illlinois. I am very interested in adopting your monkeys. I have been raised around many different types and know how to care for them. In adopting them they wouldnt be pets but part of my family. If possible i would like to pick them up due to being scammed ao many times and if that isnt possible i would like to receive them before sending any money i hope you understand. please get back to me thank you.
jake 13 yr ago x
spider monkey

Very interested in adopting your cute baby monkey.
clanci 13 yr ago x
How much are ur baby monkeys
connie 13 yr ago x
My husband had a pet monkey at one time. I have always wanted one. How much are yours?
amanda 13 yr ago x
i was wondering if you still had the beautiful little monkeys for adoption and how much is it to adopt
nick nick 13 yr ago x
I have always wanted a monkey and would love him or her very much.please let me get more info and hopefully a monkey.Thank you Nickie
jena 13 yr ago x
Do you have any baby's left really interested
tae 13 yr ago x
I am VERY VERY much intrested in adopting one of your loving Monkey's my Fiance and i have been looking day and night for one and i would really enjoy having you contact me and let me know more about adpopting one please contact me if you still have one for adoption it would be a great gift for him and i to start our family with a baby thank you
Heith 13 yr ago x
i would like to found out how to get a baby spider monkey if that possible i asked my mom about them and she is gonna let me have one so if u could get back whith me on that, that would be awsome
sheila 13 yr ago x
i know im probably too late to ask about the spider monkey but i thought i would try im older lady and home all the time could take good care of one and treat it like a child please
Usnavygal 13 yr ago x
Please send info on adoption. Thank you.
monkeylady 13 yr ago x
How precious is that. I have been searching for a lil monkey of really any kind i use to have a marmaset,(cant remember how to spell it). And she recently passed of old age and she was given to me as a rescue pet. Me and my family were extemely close to her and now my girls are asking for another one and i cant seem to find them. thanks to a friend that sent this to me, i might be able to make my girls year. please e-mail me back if you still have one for adoption or if you know where i can find more info on adopting or raising one. Please and thank you.
Tressa 13 yr ago x
we would love to have a monkey please contact us.
Sebastian 13 yr ago x
I'm very interested in adopting a baby spider monkey. I live in Ky, my husband and I have wanted a monkey for sometime now. Please email me back and explain the cost and procedure so we can get things going. Thank you !!
tanya 13 yr ago x
I have been looking for almost 2 years for a baby monkey...everyone wants and arm and a leg for one. So yes I am very interested in the. Babies.
Cici 13 yr ago x
I would really like to adopt a baby monkey . Please contact me . Thanks .
spider monkey man 13 yr ago x
I would really like to have one of those breeds that stay small like the the spider monkey or any other ones that are similar, thanks
yari  13 yr ago x
hi i just found i cant have children and had been really lloking to spend my time caring for a pet . please help me ty .. hope to hear from u
ty 13 yr ago x
I want a potty trained monkey
ty 13 yr ago x
I want any monkey
pickle 13 yr ago x
We are interested in getting a spider monkey. Could you tell us how to go about purchasing or adopting a monkey? Thank you
smiley 13 yr ago x
Hi just wondering if you still have any more baby mokeys?
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