sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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mary k 8 yr ago x
thank you for your res pone for the baby spider monkey i would be happy to adopt please let me know where i can go to pick one up thank you
Freda 8 yr ago x
looking for a baby spider monkey to adopt
teddy 8 yr ago x
i like monkeys i think they r cute. how much are they.
lis 8 yr ago x
i am a kid and i wanted to know how much it was its probully in the thousands but i only have a couple houndred i wanted to know how much they are please and thankyou
zamira solorza 8 yr ago x
Hi how you doing , im overly exicted because there so cute ..I have a cat but she is very tammed and decent she like a real baby haha . But i would liek more info on it please get back at me
Ashley 8 yr ago x
Hi my name is Ashley I live in port Jefferson NY and I have a very large beautiful new home with a lot of property and I am extremely interested in adopting a baby monkey it has always been my dream to have my own monkey I am extremely loving and caring I work in private cases taking care Of autistic children and work part time in a nursing facility with my geriatric patients please email me as soon as possible wIth some information regarding adoption of my very own monkey!!! Thank you very much !!!
Val 8 yr ago x
Hi my name is valerie. I was wanting to get info on adopting a spider monkey. I love animals. They are my world. Any info at all please help me
val 8 yr ago x
Hey i'm interested in adopting a spider monkey if you have any info on the matter, please help
Sassy 8 yr ago x
Hi my name is sassy an iv been looking at these beautiful pics iv always wanted a spider monkey since I was a lil girl but everybody wants more then I can give for them an I noticed that u dnt have a price on how much u want for them so I was wondering if u cld email me an let me kno how much an send me pics of the ones u have left cause I kno u probably already got rid of most of them I also live in rolla mo how wld u b able to send one here? Please email me back I'm so excited I found ur site thank u.
lena 8 yr ago x
i am looking for a baby spider monkey that is house trand i was wondering how i can go through with adopting one i would like a female spidermonkey
lng 8 yr ago x
We live in nc and on 2 acres of land. It is just me and my partner and we would love a monkey.
Freda 8 yr ago x
Looking to get a spider monkey please let me know where and how to get one
skyy 8 yr ago x
monkeys r soo cute!!! i want a monkey.
nature 8 yr ago x
well,here goes...all my boys grew up no longer living at home. divorced my husbandand had to give up my best friend(my horse). i am looking 4 a friend to love someone to care for. please contact me, pllease.
Matt 8 yr ago x
I would love a spider monkey if you still have one please. Me and my girlfriend of 3 years plan to get a new friend around the house and a spider monkey was my first thought.
Chasity 8 yr ago x
I want a loving monkey for my home. I am willing to pay whatever the price, please contact me with any information. Thank You.
Brina 8 yr ago x
I've ALWAYS wanted a spider monkey!!! :) I want a baby one! Do you still have one?
Stacey 8 yr ago x
Are they in the US or another country?
Bj parker 8 yr ago x
Would like to know over all price with shipping, my area code is 38134, I was interested in a spider money.
t 8 yr ago x
Would like to know how much you want for the monkey? Where are you located? I would want to pick it up in person. Thanks
Fancy 8 yr ago x
just wanna know if there are any spider monkeys still up for sale or if not are you still breeding more, and i would like to know the price range....
Brandy 8 yr ago x
I was wondering if you still have your baby monkey? If so I am very interested in her. Please email me and let me know. I love all animals. I work at a no kill dog shelter and own a dog. I am looking for a playmate for her as well as a monkey child for me.
roxanne 8 yr ago x
I been wanting to get a baby monkey but haven't had any luck finding one . If you still have them for adoption please let me know.
Samee 8 yr ago x
Please keep me updated , i really wish to have to this beauty <3 monkeys are my favorite (:
Sally White 8 yr ago x
How much do thay cost
Sally White 8 yr ago x
Ih my name is angel but you can call me sally i relly want a baby spider monkey but nobodie is selling one for onle $68 o i am 11 old
Tbird 8 yr ago x
How much is it I will go up to 60
jennifer 8 yr ago x
i am estatic to find that there are people out there that do have great monkeys for adoption and sales i am desperateley wanting and searching for a long time and would be willing to pay for the right one or anyone
kevin 8 yr ago x
how much?
jesus 8 yr ago x
I would like to raise a money with my son. He would love to have one in the house with us. I could use all the information need to raise one. Please contact me
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