sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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Dori 11 yr ago x
my wife and i were currently looking into service dog and for campanionship and ran into this intersting question if maybe one of these monkeys would be a better suited for her personality thank u please be in touch awaiting repley
vince 11 yr ago x
hi my name iz vince how much would u want for 1 i wanted one my whole life and this would be a dream come true plz email me back asap
maso6 11 yr ago x
Will you let me know how much they cost?
cami 11 yr ago x
Please contact me . my husband an i would love a monkey we have know children an a large ranch thank u camilla
prettiboy121 11 yr ago x
i love baby spider monkeys. i want a baby spider monkey so bad. sharia tht monkey is so cute can i have it
mary 11 yr ago x
how much are you asking for that baby spider monkey
Mary 11 yr ago x
ME my mom and us would love to have a monkey im 13 and iv wanted one for a very long time i always say mama when are you ganna get me a monkey. and your is just so adorable and i will not hurt a animal under any cercumstance. i really want that baby monkey thankss alott,MARY
Marissa  11 yr ago x
I would love to have a spider monkey around the house!please let my know if it is still up for adoption and if it is what is the price. -thanks
JMims 11 yr ago x
I am very interested in buying one of ur monkeys are they still up for adoption please send me the info on what sex what price and how soon if available. I have a daughter who loves animals her birthday is coming up soon and I would like 2 get her one please contact me
JD 11 yr ago x
I have read alot of the requests about your monkeys. I'm not sure I could trust a whole lot of them. I guess you look into each one before you decide, I hope. Anyway I have three kids and a friend that has a monkey. My kids adore her. Was just looking into what was available.Not willing to spend alot to get one. please let me know.thank you.
nicole 11 yr ago x
hi, do you still have the baby monkey and are you still looking to find her/him a home
avril 11 yr ago x
i want a monkey
nanfox2 11 yr ago x
I would love more on your baby monkeys.Like how much and what do I do to get one. I am looking for a female.Thank u nanfox2
Pgator54 11 yr ago x
I am so interested in a spider monkey. this has been a long time dream of mine. just the other day I was in Wal-Mart and a couple had one in their buggy who was potty trained with a diaper and a onesie how cute is that? Hope to hear from you.
Tessiemae 11 yr ago x
Interested in the monkey, do u still have some
Amanda 11 yr ago x
Hi, I'm trying to get a baby spider monkey for my boyfriend. He has always wanted one, and id love to be the one to make his dream come true. Please send me information regarding, price, food, and so forth. Thank you very much.
brooke 11 yr ago x
Do ya'll still have any monkey's? where do yall live?
Petsinthecity 11 yr ago x
I am a pet sitter and have been caring for a 24 year old squirrel monkey and adore him! Would love one of my own. Please give e any information I may need to adopt a baby of my own. I hope to her from you : )
nana 11 yr ago x
i want one of your monkeys
nicole 11 yr ago x
How do I get the spider monkey I want it so cute and how much
Goose 11 yr ago x
Hi how re you doing. I would really love to have one of your baby monkey or if they are older too. I live in philadelphia and I think that work be the best little buddy for me. Please email ad soon as you can. Thank you
Anthony 11 yr ago x
highly interested please get back to me. Thank you
lena 11 yr ago x
i was wondering if is illegal to have have a pet monkey in NY state? and how i would be able to get one this cute monkeys
vince 11 yr ago x
i am really really interested. i am financially stable, very motivated to have one. will do whatever it takes please get back to me. i can take them ASAP
mary k 11 yr ago x
would like to adopt one or purchase please let me know how much you sell or adopt looking for one tame
Taylor 11 yr ago x
How much are either one of the monkeys?
debbie 11 yr ago x
i woo love to have one are to. ilove and care for then.
kathie 11 yr ago x
my son has always wanted a monkey he is about to have his 30th b-day and is graduating harley tech institute in august i would love to get him a monkey,he and his wife would provide a very loving home please contact me if they are still available
tman 11 yr ago x
my sister has been sick for awile and a week or 2 ago she asked my parents for a monkey. we could work out a price so please please contact me. (we even have a room for him/her and we have plans for decerations)
lexie 11 yr ago x
hello my name is lexie i am 13 years old i have been wanting a monkey since i was a little girl my mom is ok with me having one but cant exactly find the right people with a real monkey.
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