sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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tsmith82 8 yr ago x
Please write meand tell me the info on what I need to get one of your monkeys. Thank you
Nasreen 8 yr ago x
Never had one but love to adopt one for my love of monkeys
Pucha 8 yr ago x
While living in Madrid Spain I had a Marmoset from Brasil, always dream of been able to acquire another small monkey. I find surprising your generosity, and lavishness. The catch ?
 8 yr ago x
There so cute! I need to think this over a bit... but the monkey is so cute, i'm having a tough time saying no. I have a big backyard, would the monkeys like that?
Kayla 8 yr ago x
Please email me information about your monkeys i love animals of all kinds but a monkey is something i have always wanted i would would make a great monkey mom thanks
tonya 8 yr ago x
just would like to know how much thay are
courtney 8 yr ago x
are you just giveing them aweay for free?
Kayla 8 yr ago x
Please let me know if you still have the monkey(:
majed mansouri 8 yr ago x
i really want the baby spider monkey, the one by sharia, id like to know how i can get it, please contact me
tina 8 yr ago x
I have always wanted a baby girl I can't have kids so I would love to feel the feel of something to enjoy my life with feel the love of a baby the caring the smiles the messes plz let me know what your asking for
Eleanor 8 yr ago x
My husband realy wants a Spider Monkey, we want a Girl..How Much you selling them?
jessy 8 yr ago x

i really want a baby monkey and i live in the state of do i go about getting one
angel 8 yr ago x
PLEASE send me a picture of a baby spider monkey!
angel 8 yr ago x
i really and i mean really want a spider monkey!
maria 8 yr ago x
my friends and i want to get a monkey for under 1000 dollars is that ok if it is then email me
blondie 8 yr ago x
i would like to get the sprider monkeys they are adorible and would do any thing to get one
star 8 yr ago x
i would like to know how much does the baby monkey cost because i would like to by it??
nana 8 yr ago x
i have looking to adopt a baby girlsprider monkey i have delt with one guy he asked me to send him my atm card or westerunion it was crazy but i know we have to pay a amount so can you let me know if you have any and are they affordable hope to hear from you thanks
dany 8 yr ago x
so do u guys stell have the monkey iam going tro a depression because i fell lonely an i was hoping that i could give the love an atinsion to your monkey
greg 8 yr ago x
we are thinking of adopting a monkey. are they sweet and loving as they appear? we live in the country and have 2 children that are almost grown and could provide a good loving home. we have several outdoor animals in our family.
Amey 8 yr ago x
do you still have the monkets
jenn 8 yr ago x
Just wondering if u still have any and how much u want for 1?? Please let me know
shura 8 yr ago x
Hi i am an animal lover amd i just adore monkeys and i do understand that they get bigger and it is a great responsibility to have a monkey, i am 12 years old by the way if you think that i don't know how to take care of them then you are wrong , please don't make the price to big because i want to aford it, i will have 250.00 in 3 months or 4 months but please let that be anouf if you want 3.00 i will try my best but i just wany to tell you how much i love monkeys thanks.
Tracy Cantrall 8 yr ago x
If your babies are still needing a loving home I will travel to where ever you are! My husband and I have raised 9 REAL babies, although I could only have two naturally! We would love to adopt again, even if it is not a human baby, monkeys are our ancestors and need the same care, love and education!
mark 8 yr ago x
would like to purchase one of your baby spider monkeys, please respond.
LAYLA  8 yr ago x
sharia! yes im in love alreadt please tell me you havent already sold her! i stay in huntsville alabama. please get back at me whenever you get a chance
danny 8 yr ago x
just wondering if the monkeys are still available and how much are you asking for them?where are they located?
Nadia 8 yr ago x
Me and dad are tryin to find a monkey and how much u want for it I dream to have a baby monkey
Anke LaPlante 8 yr ago x
My daughter and I would love to adopt this cute baby monkey. where are you located and how much does your monkey cost.we would put all our love into this monkey.
Billy G. 8 yr ago x
I am in the market for purchasing a monkey. I would like some more information on them. If you could email me some pictures, prices, etc that would be nice. Thanks, Billy.
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