sweet baby spider monkeys for adoption

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Madeline 8 yr ago x
My name is madeline and i would like to buy or adopt a baby spider monkey i live in newyork in the bronx please if anyone has a baby monkey contact me on my email
Karen 8 yr ago x
Please cal. Are they good with tiny dogs?
sis 8 yr ago x
Just wondering if u had any or is this a scam
Nbench 8 yr ago x
Hello there do u still have any spider monkeys left,contact me 520-309-9150,What are u asking for them...where is your location...
mike 8 yr ago x
I really do want a monkey i live in tx
missy 8 yr ago x
we ae interested, I am per first aid certified,i have high knowledge on foods and treats on which is healthiest I have worked with animals for 15 plus years our pets now ae very spoiled and even get to go shopping with us and go for car rides we are interested in a female
chassy 8 yr ago x
I really really want a spider monkey and it will be awesome if someone gave me there baby spider monkey for a low price like between 5 to 30 dollars I don't have a lot of money cause I'm still a kid and I really hope it would have all the items you have provided. For it and hopefully its a girl if not its fine and hope you see this and give me the baby spider monkey asap please if you can gice it to me for free

joe blogs 8 yr ago x
these people are scammers do not believe a word they say they will ask for money and then more and more
Monkeyman 8 yr ago x
How do u get into this site
lori 7 yr ago x
please let me know if u have any mnkeys that i can adopt please i would love to have one of them
Brian Natri 7 yr ago x
Am giving out my baby bella Capuchin Monkey, she is healthy and has been on shots for the past weeks, she is 2- weeks old, very smart and friendly. She is vet check,home trained well socialized with kids and other house hold pets the babies will bring much joy and fun to your family, i am giving this intelligent baby to any one who is willing to threat and take very good care of her and she will also becoming along side all her health papers including a 1 year health guarantee, contact for details.. Pics and Video on her is available.. You can either text or call at (432) 558-9376

Karen 7 yr ago x
Interested in Adoption a Spider Monkey :) Thank you
Brookie 7 yr ago x
Do you still have that monkey and if you do please tell me
Brookie 7 yr ago x
Do you still have this monkey if so please tell me.
Paige Blumberg 7 yr ago x
Please contact me @ 310-993-8943 or via email. I live in Beverly Hills Ca. My 10yr old son and I would like a pet spider monkey. Thank you!
Nathalia 7 yr ago x
Will buy right now !!
miami 7 yr ago x
Hello Sharia my name Yolanda I'm interested in the monkeys if u still have them can u email me plz thank u.I'm an Animal lover
shakera 7 yr ago x
I I always wanted a spider monkey and now I really want one I'm a very big animal lover . so please contact me please.
lucy 7 yr ago x
Hi I have a two year old daughter and she has following in love with the monkeys just wondering how much it is to adopt and what have you got to do to get them as I think me and my family are really good as we live on a farm
lucy 7 yr ago x
Hi I have a two year old daughter that has fallan in love with the baby monkeys as Christmas is coming up I would like to adopt one I was just wondering how much it is to adopt and how long it would take to get one as I think we would be really good with a baby monkey as we have been brung up with animals as we live on a farm
Bobby R Brock 7 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a baby spider monkey or a marmoset baby. i love animals and had a squirrel monkey as a chld I would love to have this a apart of my family how can I make this happen??
jackie 7 yr ago x
when will i get it.
jackie 7 yr ago x
i really want a spider monkey
jackie 7 yr ago x
i have a darter called mollie she has been hoping to get a spider monkey but we dont now how to adopt one can any one help me to adopt one
Nicky 7 yr ago x
How much
Chuck 7 yr ago x
I would like to know how to buy a monkey on here.?
Chuck 7 yr ago x
I would like to buy a Monkey on here but don't know how to do it .Can you tell me ?
Tim 7 yr ago x
Sharia how u doin was wondering if u still had a spider moncky for adoption still u can reach me @ 240-606-0429 Thx or any body else Tht have any for adoption
Kit-Kat 7 yr ago x
I know with all these other emails you probably won't see mine but I'm a loving stay at home mom with a lot of time on my hands and would love to have a baby monkey. Since I can no longer have children and have baby fever I figured this may be my better route. If you see this and could, please either call or email me back. Thks! (225)3359118
Lindsey 7 yr ago x
I would like to get a spider monkey from my kids, how much are they cause I would be very interested in one of these babies.
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