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Liezl 11 yr ago x
Urgently looking for caracal or serval babies to buy?
Victoria 11 yr ago x
Hi, Im looking forward to by one of the exotic cubs you have listed for sale. Just if it is possible to get a quote for price from you and where is your location?
amy 11 yr ago x
i have done 2 yrs research on caracals-i am searching for the yougest female i can get.i have checked all laws and restrictions in my state and there are none against the caracal-i have seen these exact photos on another persons website-idk if she was a scammer but once i pointed that out and asked her-she has yet to reply back...i hope i am dealing w/some legitimate breeders because ive been there and done that-i know when im dealing w/a scammer!! i would appreciate serious sellers contact me only otherwise-you are dealing w/the wrong person...thank you to whom this does concern!! amy
AMY 11 yr ago x
~ps i would like info on your location-photos of the actual kitten i am potentially purchasing,its age and a price figure-thanks alot!!
dallas 11 yr ago x
Please contact me, we are looking into buying a new pet. We are interested in a serval and/or ocelot.
dallas 11 yr ago x
I am interested in buying one. please contact me
Megan 11 yr ago x
I'm wondering if you still have any kittens available? If so could you send me some pics please and where your located
pieman 11 yr ago x
what is the price for all species of kitten hope its not out of my price range would love have one and ive done my research to
Alix 11 yr ago x
Would it be possible to get a price on your kittens as well as a few photos? I'm absolutely in love with Servals and have heard they are very friendly! I would also like to know a bit about the other kittens you have, I would love to give one a good home!! Thank you so much!
coco 10 yr ago x
i was wondering if u have any boy or girl 1 year or younger serval and caracal or ocelot
Bryce 10 yr ago x
When do you expect a brood of caracal kits? Also, how much per kitten do you expect to charge?
Nicole 10 yr ago x
I'm seriously interested in an ocelot. If you have or will have any available could you please fwd as much information as possible?
Thank you
Tabatha j 10 yr ago x
Interested in an ocelot please email me price and any permits I would need
fadhil ahkid 9 yr ago x
May i ua do u guy do shippi g n how much do u selling??? Ocelot
debo 6 yr ago x
I'm interested in prices and sexes of the different breeds of cats you have.
debo 6 yr ago x
I am interested in prices for all breeds that you have available now or soon.
Cyndi 6 yr ago x
Very interested in a kitten please get back to me on price and what you have available thank you
Trace 5 yr ago x
Has anyone ever gotten a reply back from this site on any kitten?. I'm interested in a Ocelot kitten. I came across a photo and loved the eyes, nose and markings. Once I found out the name, I thought I hunt myself down a kitten. So im on a search for one. I have a small house dog, she stays in my husband's lap all the time, and a female barn cat that runs off. Would love a special pet just for myself. I have twin girls ages 17 that will be going to college in the spring, so my kitty would be perfect to fill the void. We live in VA.
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