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Franck 10 yr ago x
Males and Females of Capuchin,marmoset,squirrel and spider monkeys available for adoption, there are vaccinated and well socialized,home train,Their ages range from 10 weeks to 4years. these baby monkeys are USDA register and are and loves to play with kids. there are for free to home looking. there are very cute and intelligent and will make a companion with other pets, like cats and dogs. they are really well train, So if interested in having them do get back for

Shelby 10 yr ago x
hi, how much would it cost to get them to Alaska? and also would I be able to get 2 female finger monkeys also known as marmosets?

P.S. Please send pictures
theres 9 yr ago x
How much
Garret 9 yr ago x
I am looking for a young squirrel monkey if you have any. I have been looking for a while and I found this post. I would bring it into a loving family.

emma 9 yr ago x
hi I am interested in a female baby girl monkey any type as I love all monkeys she will be loved by so many people my 4 children and my husband if they are still available I would love to see pictures and how much you spend a month on them as I also have a dog and cat both well trained and nice to all animals if you can contact me either by email which is and my mobile number is 07535064311 thank you xx
madchefo9 9 yr ago x
I have been looking for a pair of baby monkeys to raise . I have plenty of space . I would like to hear back from you soon .. Thank you
jaran 9 yr ago x
avi 9 yr ago x
I'm lookn for a baby capuchin monkey to bring in to my home and to give it my full attention and love. Mt home has enough space and also very clean enviorment. I've alwayz been fond of exotic animals and I've alwayz told myself that one day I'd get me a monkey and the day has came and I am so ready to get me my monkey so plz get back to me asap with more info
Mrod 9 yr ago x
I would love to adopt a young marmoset. Please if you have any contact me back at my email: I will give it all of my attention.
Shy 9 yr ago x
I am looking for a couple of young marmoset monkeys. Please send me pictures and prices thank you
Mary  8 yr ago x
If you want to give your monkey a sweet loving home,you can contAct me directly at home 920-434-1249. No Emails PLEASE as I have way to much junk mail. Thank You So Much! We own our home in the country by the way. Our address is 4395 Veterans Avenue Suamico,Wisconsin 54173 Mary Kay Lytie
Mary  8 yr ago x
I cannot wait for this opportunity!!!:)
Alejandro 8 yr ago x
hey i wouldlove any of them i live by my self i have no kids all ways wanted one i have a good loveing home for any of them let me no thank u
Lori 8 yr ago x
I am very interested in adopting one of your sweet monkeys if you would please email me the ones left for adoption now I would greatly appreciate it thank you very much.
Dora santana 8 yr ago x
What is your phone number?
Maggie Conti 4 yr ago x
What do I need to do to aquire a pair of capuchins
Carolyn Melton 3 yr ago x
Wanting a baby monkey
Awan 3 yr ago x
I have had 9 monkeys since childhood and now want a small monkey, either squirrel or marmoset as a playmate for my little Pomeranian dog. I will be waiting for a reply in my email
Thank you. Respectfully, Awan

James 3 yr ago x
i want CAPUCHIN monkey
Max 3 yr ago x
I have capuchin and marmoset monkeys available

Danielle  3 yr ago x
Max- Do u still have any Marmosets available if so email me asap please
Karmen 3 yr ago x
Do you have any monkeys available for adoption??
be 2 yr ago x
Does anyone still have free or cheap, want one for my father
Julie 1 yr ago x
Hi does anyone have a capuchin baby monkey for sale in the uk?
Rob 49 wk ago x
Do u still have squirl monkeys avalable still. N for how much
Julie 39 wk ago x
Iam very interested in getting a capuchin monkey can you help?
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